How To Skim Coat Drywall For Beginners

How To Skim Coat Drywall For Beginners

How do you skim coat drywall? Skim coating is the process of applying a thin coat of plaster or mud to a wall in a thin layer. The goal is to repair the wall to make it nice and smooth. Also, it is easy to do and delivers great results for rougher surfaces. As a beginner, you will be well-equipped to get the job complete. So, how do you skim coat a wall for beginners? Let us find out how the process goes!

Before You Skim Coat Drywall

Before you skim coat a wall, you have to prep the room before interior painting. First, move all your furniture, wall decorations, and cover the floor with a drop cloth. Also, remove all plastic coverings from the electrical sockets and cover them with plastic (don’t want any electrical issues). Then, repair or replace drywall holes, if you notice any. Lastly, remove any nails from the wall and fill the holes with joint compound.

Skim Coating Drywall Vs Skim Coating Plaster

It is important to note the differences between skim coat and plaster. Skim coat is kind of like a plastering method, in that it is a thin layer of coat applied on a plastered wall. The skimming is done on a plaster wall. This process is quite challenging, so maybe enlisting the help of painting companies would be ideal. This is because in skimming, the finish is the main goal. Providing a smooth and seamless surface that is ready to decorate is also important. Plastering on the other hand, means skimming goes straight under this process. Skimming is essentially a part of the process of plastering. You cannot have one without the other. There are various types of plastering methods:

  • • Lime Plaster: This is a traditional plastering solution in which san and lime are mixed in 1/3 proportions.
  • • Cement Plaster: Cement, sand and water the main components for plaster mix. It is used on walls where masonry work is completed.
  • • Gypsum Plaster: This is a process where it uses a thick coat of sulphate and a mixture of water. It is used as another plaster coat of cement and lime. Also, it provides high resistance in shrinkage and cracks.

Skim Coating Walls & Ceilings

So, how do you skim coat drywall? Let the process begin! First, grab a bucket of joint compound and stir with an electric drill, until you feel that it is entirely smooth. When that happens, use a premixed plaster. CGC 20 is a familiar product for all and you can get it from Home Depot or other hardware stores. The compound should be consistent like cake batter. Then scoop up the compound onto your hawk and apply it on the wall in a vertical direction (use a drywall knife). Remember to ensure that the wall is entirely smooth and let it dry for several hours. Once the first coat of plaster is completely dry, sand smooth with a pole sander and a 200-220 grit sandpaper.

Remain Cautious

As a beginner doing this process, mistakes are bound to happen. That is why it is vital to check your work carefully. Check for any imperfections in the walls or ceilings. If you need to repeat any prior steps, you should definitely do that. You might even need to do more than two coats of plaster to ensure the surface is completely smooth. Then, switch from vertical to a horizontal application, so that you obtain an even coverage of the wall. Once that happens, the surface will instantly feel smooth.

Prime and Finish Skim Coat Wall

Now we are in the priming section! If you are satisfied with your skim coat plastering work or the work of the professional painters you hired, you can apply a latex based primer to seal everything in. Let it dry then check it again for any imperfections. If you notice any problems, repeat the same steps again to ensure a smooth and complete finish. The last step of this process is to apply a finishing coat. Once you feel the surface is entirely smooth, apply a finish coat of paint or a wallpaper, depending on which application you choose. Then the process is complete! You now have brand new smooth walls!

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