Science has shown us that colours guide us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Colours have a big impact in our lives because they have the power to enlighten, relax, and calm us down. For example, lighter shades tend to relax us. When your stress is at an all-time high, certain colours can help you decompress. When entering your house from a long day at work, you want to see the colours in your house brighten up your mood. Upon entering spaces in your home, you want to feel a sense of calm because everyone wants to feel at peace. There are multiple calm serene inviting colours that you can use for interior painting that can do just that! 

Calm serene inviting colours that are darker 

Grays are now considered one of the best neutral paints as they’re very trendy. This is because it is a great neutral colour that can actually make your setting stand out from the pack. Not to mention that shades of gray blend perfectly with black and white. In interior design, elegant grays are a staple. This is because it works perfectly with non-sunny and sunny areas. If your setting is lighting dimmed, you should consider choosing a lighter shade of gray for the walls to compliment any bright accents you may have. Check out Wickham Gray for a nice lighter gray option for interior painting. When paired up with white and blue shades, gray creates a relaxing environment for all. Also, although black is a bold colour, it can blend perfectly when surrounded by all-white features. A clean white shade brings calmness and when adding black, it gives your space a fresh, yet sophisticated look.

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Calm and Serene Light Shades To Consider 

When thinking of light shades, it’s hard not to think about yellow, also known as the colour of the sun! It gives off energy and positive vibes! The moment you lay eyes on a yellow wall, you instantly feel good. A research study has found that being in a yellow room causes people to become more active in their day to day tasks and are more conscious of their surroundings. So, in the event that you are feeling a little lazy and out of sorts, a yellow wall can change that instantly. Check out Light Yellow from Benjamin Moore for a great option. Another shade that promotes calmness is blue. It can instantly manage any type of stress or bad moods. It reduces anxiety and lessens your heart rate. When looking at the colour blue, you do feel like you’re outside, gazing up at the clear sky or an ocean-like setting. For a more gentle experience, it is better to use softer shades of blue, like Blue Lace. You feel a sense of relaxation and joy.

More calm serene inviting colours for interior painting 

There are multiple calm serene inviting colours that can make your home pop! Lighter shades of colours are considered to be calmer than darker shades. For example, pink is a shade that balances energies because of how soothing it appears. In addition, using pink in any room promotes sensitivity and peacefulness. Also, green is a very quiet color, just like nature! It attracts harmonious vibes, which reduces anxiety. In addition, it can help you stay calm and relaxed, especially when you are having the worst possible day ever. The green family, which consists of pale yellow-greens and beige greens, are stress-reducing shades. In a sunny and bright room, a light green colour will instantly make you feel good.

Don’t forget about white! 

White is hands down the most well-known and used paint colour for homeowners. When you enter a room filled with white paint, it gives you a moment of clarity. If the colour is dirty and not fresh, it won’t give you the same sense of calmness you would have when it’s clean and crispy. A class bathroom style is using bright white paint. In addition, white walls are very simplistic, so adding soft neutral colors around it always works. Even adding bright accessories is a good thing: yellow, pink, or purple. This keeps it bold, but professional. Not to mention that white works perfectly with just about every shade!

Colours impact our mood 

Colours guide us mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It has an instant impact on your mood. Especially during times like these, with mental health being of the utmost importance. Feeling energetic and alive just based off of what interior painting colour your room is, that’s very impactful. That’s why choosing the right paint colour for you is always vital because although it can be a tough decision, having so many options does make the time and process worthwhile. And in the end, who doesn’t love giving their home a refresh with some paint? 

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