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The Benefits Of Dark Painted Cabinets

In any home, many of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens and for obvious reasons — we all love food! So, because we are in the kitchen most of the time, sometimes we might grow tired of our kitchen cabinets and how it looks. Change can be a bit scary sometimes, but when we apply ourselves to new changes, most of the time it turns out to be great! The same can be said about dark painted cabinets. It can completely modernize your kitchen cabinets or cupboards. Did you want to have dark painted cabinets? Keep on reading and we’ll let you know everything about it, including the cost.

FAQ’s About Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Toronto

Fresh Dark Painted Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets can instantly modernize and freshen up your home. Not only is it a fraction of the price it would be to install brand new cabinets, but it is actually noninvasive. What are some of the benefits of going darker with your cupboards?  Let’s discuss!

  1. Cabinets that are dark give off a feeling of luxury. You’ll look around and find yourself surprised at how contemporary your kitchen looks!
  2. They show dirt, grime and scratches way less than white or light coloured cupboards.
  3. Dark cabinets can give the heart of your home a much cozier or edgier vibe. It all depends on the rest of your decor and what you do with it!
  4. This is a great option for larger kitchens as they can work really well to warm up the space.
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The Best Dark Paint Colours for Kitchen Cabinets

Dark painted cabinets add a layer of sophistication that homeowners yearn. If you are looking for a modern and elegant kitchen, look no further than black kitchen cabinets. Yes, when we think of black paint, people assume that it’s boring or too dark of a colour, but there are more shades to black than people actually realize!

Farrow & Ball’s Off-BlackThis paint by Farrow & Ball is more of a “soft black” tone and is very much visually appealing. It is flattering to the eye, but more so to adjacent colours than stronger blacks. This is because it feels milder in tone.

Farrow & Ball’s Down PipeAlthough this paint is actually a bluish-dark gray more than black, from afar it does look black. If you love dark painted cabinets, you should go with this paint, especially if you don’t want your cabinets to look a bit harsh.

Benjamin Moore’s OnyxThis paint is almost sort of a dark gray/black gray (if that makes any sense to you). For a kitchen to look open and bright, use this black paint on your lower kitchen cabinets and pair it with open shelves and white walls. Then, you kitchen space will look very much sophisticated in its presence.

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, kitchen cabinet painting by professionals will just be a fraction of the cost of installing brand new kitchen cabinets or cupboards for your home. It really is a bargain to do some cabinet refinishing and painting, rather than actually installing new kitchen cabinets. Who doesn’t love a bargain, right? At Home Painters Toronto, the cost of painting kitchen cabinets starts at around $2,500. Not to mention that we have unlimited colours to choose from that will create a great looking kitchen for you. Did you want a modern kitchen? Did you want dark or light painted cabinets? We got you covered here at Home Painters Toronto and the process will be quick and efficient.

How much does kitchen cabinet painting cost?

Paint Finishes

The type of finish a certain paint provides is by far the most important information to obtain. The finish highlights how the paint reflects light once it’s dry. The only exception to this would be faux painting, since that is a completely different finish. In commercial buildings, the paint finish depends solely on the type of paint applied. Depending on the type of room you’re in, there are certain finishes that are best for it and the way it looks. In addition, paint finishes will distinguish itself from others. So, whether you want to paint your living room, bathroom, or even bedroom, knowing what type of paint finish is best for those spaces are vital in order to create a great finishing product. 

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