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You may wonder to yourself that those fascinated with interior design are a 1600 square foot home the average size in Toronto and the GTA? The answer is yes, this is a standard on average for most home-owners in these locations; this medium-size house is perfect for all sorts of activities and events, but what matters the most is the interior appearance of the scene before inviting an audience. Determining your interior design cost is crucial for your paint health and longevity so you can continue having these activities/events in a scenic landscape.

Cost of Painting a 1600 Sq. Foot Home

  • •Walls are the most essential and standard paint job, ranging from $2-$3 per square foot assuming ceilings are 9ft, for your 1600 square foot home, it will be around $3500-$3600, on the high side, it will be about $4500-$5000.


  • •Door Trims and frames will be around $0.75-$1.50 per square foot; in combination with your 1600 square foot interior, it would be about $1200-$2500; many factors can spike the price.
  • •Ceilings start at $0.75-$2.50 per square foot; for the low end, it would $1200 and $2000 on the high end.


  • •Closest are $75 for a small closest and $150-$175 for a walk-in closest

Adding all these elements together, it would roughly be $6500 for the low end, for a higher-end would be about $10,000 for your 1600 square foot home. This is an extensive range compared to smaller-scale dwellings. Still, for a good reason, it is essential to note what variables come into play when finalizing the cost.

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What affects the prices for your 1600 square foot home

  • Funiture: if you can guarantee the painter that everything will be empty or pushed in the middle, it will cost less for the painter’s setup.


  • Time frame: if you need it done sooner, it will cost more; the reason why is because the paint company has to allocate more resources, effort and time to make the desired deadline attainable, remember quality over speed.


  • Size of job: if you only want one or two bedrooms done for your 1600 square foot home, it will cost more because of a setup fee; you will get a better deal for the more area covered ( hallways, main floor).
  • Number of Colours: 1-2 colours will reduce your price compared to 4-5 colours because the painters will have to order more variety which ends up costing more.


  • • Make sure to use good paint, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin- Williams mid to top line, avoid cheap paint because it will take the painters more time to get the job finished.


  • • Paying by e- transfer, cash or cheque is much more affordable for both you and the painter. Going through a visa and MasterCard will include additional charges.


  • Plaster walls cost more than drywalls due to prep. To avoid any surprises with the cost, find out before hiring any company what type of walls you have.
Interior painting living room light beige walls classic by Home Painters Toronto. why you should paint your home
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Now that you have a solid foundation on the price range and the additional factors that come with a paint company, you must consider the painter’s perspective and see how difficult their job truly is. Again, a 1600 square foot home is average, but not one house is the same. Certain tasks require more skill, and the right person for the job, which can lead a paint company scrambling for the right person and end up costing more.

Difficult Tasks of the Job:

  • • Spraying
  • • High Ceilings
  • • Accent walls
  • • Wallpaper removal is more expensive

Who to hire for your 1600 square foot Interior:

A typical 1600 square foot home should be done in a week or less; if it takes longer, it’s not the end of the world; try to aim for 5-7 days or else it may become more tedious for you, the home-owner and the painters.

  • Make sure they return your calls and emails
    • •They have to be fully insured, plumbing issues, injuries occurring, you do not want to be liable for anything that is out of your control
    • •Look at their track record, google reviews from customers, pay attention to be fair and foul reviews
    • •Company creation date, the older the company is, the more experience they have, look for companies that have a minimum of 5-10 years of experience
    • •Your employee should be accountable, which is a big concept in the paint industry
    • •Use your intuition; you know best when it comes to your home; use this judgement that you have curated in your professional and personal life to make the right hire

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