Reasons Why Painting Stucco Is Good for Your Home’s Exterior?

Reasons Why Painting Stucco Is Good for Your Home’s Exterior

Reasons Why Painting Stucco Is Good for Your Home’s Exterior?

Stucco is one of the most popular exterior finishes for homes. It’s usually made of cement, water, and sand, and it’s the outermost layer that is visible and can be painted. If you have a stucco finish, you’re in luck because there are a number of benefits that come with deciding to paint your stucco. 

If you are a homeowner who’s skeptical about painting your stucco finish, here are some of the reasons why painting them is an excellent choice for your exterior: 

1. Painting Stucco Can Seal Out Moisture

After it rains, one of the most common things you will notice with your stucco is that it becomes darker until it is dried out. If you decide to paint your stucco, you can prevent rainwater from penetrating your exterior. If your wall doesn’t absorb too much moisture, the colour will remain consistent even during rainy days. That is because the paint will block off the moisture.

Essentially, painting stucco can make your exterior waterproof for as long as you use the right paint. It can also help maintain the attractiveness of your home’s exterior because it will become weather-resistant, keeping its form intact.

Painting Stucco Can Seal Out Moisture
Painting Stucco Can Seal Out Moisture (1)

2. Painting Stucco Can Cover Stains

If you’ve noticed, there’s visible running water and rusting stains on your stucco every time it’s raining. Painting your stucco will be a perfect solution to block and cover these stains. If your stucco is painted by professionals, you can expect that there will be no visible stains for many years to come. 

3. Painting Stucco Can Provide Better Curb Appeal

Aside from protecting your home from the elements, painting your stucco can also make your exterior stand out. You can choose a decorative coating that can provide a pleasing appearance to your exterior. It can make your home easier to sell if you decide to put it on the market in the future. 

_Painting Stucco Can Provide Better Curb Appeal

4. Painting Stucco Can Resist UV Rays

Since painting stuccos can make your exterior wall weather-resistant, the paints can also reduce structural damage and cracks caused by UV rays in your stuccos. Painting stuccos can not just protect your exterior from heavy rains, but they can also protect your surface from extreme heat and a sunny climate, increasing the durability of your exterior. 

5. Painting Stucco Can Fill Hairline Cracks

Over time, your stuccos will develop unwanted cracks caused by different factors. There’s nothing to worry about because painting it with thick high-quality paint can resolve the cracks. If left unpainted, the cracks will most likely become bigger, so you need to paint it as soon as possible to avoid further damage. 

Stucco is an excellent choice because it’s low-maintenance, and it can last a longer period if it’s properly taken care of. Don’t be afraid about painting your stucco because the paint causes no harm to your exterior. It can only provide you with advantages like the ones we have mentioned here. With that, look for professional residential painters that can boost the functionality and aesthetics of your stucco, and by extension, your exterior.

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