An Ultimate Guide on Wallpaper Removal

An Ultimate Guide on Wallpaper Removal

A Guide on Wallpaper Removal

No matter how beautiful they may seem today, wallpapers may still grow old and go out of style in the near future. Perhaps you may also prefer a painted wall to a wallpapered wall in the future. Nonetheless, there are various reasons why you would want to remove wallpaper from your walls, including upgrading your interior, removing wallpaper from a recently purchased house, or selling your home.

While scraping years of glued-on paper may seem daunting, sometimes it has to be done for the sake of achieving a new style you want for your home. If you’re experiencing this homemaking predicament today, continue reading for a simple guide on effective wallpaper removal.

Getting Ready? Prepare a Toolbelt

No, we don’t mean you should have an actual toolbelt. Although, we do recommend being fully equipped with certain tools such as a putty knife, painters tape, drop sheets, clean rags/cloths, hand or pump sprayer, an Exacto knife, a non-cellulose sponge, a scoring tool, a bucket, liquid dish soap, and baking soda. Begin by covering your floors and taping your baseboards before you start this D-I-Y project.

The Different Methods of Wallpaper Removal

After gathering the items mentioned above, you can then begin removing your wallpapers. Indicated below are different instructions when dealing with specific wallpaper types.

Method 1: Easy-To-Remove Wallpaper

For removable wallpaper, lift off a corner of the paper off the wall with a putty knife. The wallpaper should then be carefully peeled away from the corner. After that, wipe down the walls with a moist towel to eliminate any adhesive residue. This way, you’ll have a clean and bare slate ready for painting.

When establishing your strategy, keep the environment in mind. To avoid curling, pull the wallpaper straight down if it is to be reused.

Method 2: Strippable Wallpaper

It is possible that you will not remove your wallpaper cleanly from the wall. If this is your case, you may be dealing with strippable wallpaper. To remove this type of wallpaper, you must first spray hot water on the wallpaper and let it absorb the moisture for a few minutes to soften it.

Then, examine the left-hand panel to check if it can be lifted. Check all sides until all panels can be lifted off part by part. To remove adhesive residue, wash the walls with warm water and a non-cellulose sponge.

Method 3: Vinyl or Printed Wallpaper

If you can’t get the wallpaper off with hot water, it’s almost probably made of vinyl. To remove this, you must first score the wall from corner to corner and floor to ceiling. This will allow your liquid to penetrate and loosen the stubborn glue. After, spray wallpaper solvent on the surface to aid in the removal of the glue.

Continue by saturating the wall partially, working your way from the top-left area to the bottom. Then in 10-15 minutes, lift off the wallpaper from the ceiling. If it does not come off in one piece, use a wall scraper for the remaining patches. Afterward, spray and wipe down the wall clean.

As with any homemaking project, wallpaper removal necessitates both time and effort. It’s definitely a task that takes time and patience. Nonetheless, this could be a fun D-I-Y activity for you and your family. However, if you don’t have the time to spare for it, you can employ professionals for quality wallpaper removal that saves you time and is worth your money.

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