Colour Rules for Small Bedrooms in a Condo

How to Choose Paint Color for a Small Condominium Bedroom

Condo living is becoming a global trend, particularly in highly populous metropolitan areas like Toronto and the GTA. However, small bedroom sizes in Toronto Condos tend to leave negative impressions despite their enticing offer to taste the modern city lifestyle. Some find condominium too small to the point of feeling suffocated. Fortunately, a simple tweak on the colour palettes painted on a condo bedroom’s walls can boost its size. Using the following bedroom colors can create the illusion of increased bedroom space in a Toronto Condominium.



1. Back to the Basics: White Bedroom

White does the job in making your condo bedroom look larger. It brightens up the room, which is an essential component in achieving the optical illusion of increasing space in a condominium.

The good thing about this palette is that it comes with numerous benefits for you. First, the paint is available in Toronto paint stores as-is. No need for additional work like blending colours. Purchase the gallon and start painting the condo interior. Second, it looks clean and makes your small room appear organized. Finally, white colour is generally cheaper since it is a basic colour.


2. Nothing Fancy? Go for Neutrals

Neutral Colours for BedroomWhite colour is indeed an effective color in making your condo bedroom look bigger and it is one of the best Condo Painting Ideas. However, some people find it too conventional or boring. On the other hand, several individuals don’t like white wall finishes as their condo interior finishes because they associate it with hospitals. Neutral colours come as the second best choices for those wishing to divert away from white wall colours.


Neutrals include cream, beige and tan. Although they are several shades darker than white, they still possess the ability to brighten the interior of a bedroom and promote space. Another plus point for neutral colors in Condo painting is that it works effectively with different furnishing or appliance colours.


3. Get Out of the Box with Earth Tones

Earth tones include brown and green shades. Mid-tone browns, despite their darker shades, can make the bedroom look wider. Furthermore, brown shades are highly recommended for use in small bedroom colour schemes in a Toronto condominium due to their compatibility with other colours.

Lighter shades of green give a feeling of pulling walls and ceilings back, which results in increased perceived space. Aside from space-boosting features, green also has calming effect as inspired by nature, which instantly transforms your small bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.


4. See the Horizon in Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue for small bedroomThe view of the blue sky and blue sea meeting each other displays a breathtaking horizon that you can’t stop gazing at all day. This is what you’ll achieve in using blue shades in your bedroom. Conjure the serene feeling of nature while enhancing space.



5. Be Enchanted with Lavender

Lavender for Small Toronto BedroomsDisplay a more open space by painting your condo with a lavender paint. This colour is included in the purple family shades, but lighter, which is an interesting color to use for small bedrooms. And similarly with earth tones and blues, lavender highlights a calm feeling while being a pleasant colour to marvel at.


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Getting ready to up your room space with these colours? Be confident as they guarantee to add space to your bedroom’s actual size. But if you’re still considering other colours for your Toronto condo that are not found in this list, feel free to contact Home Painters Toronto online at: or 416-494-9095 for some free colour consultation about the best Paint Colors for Small Condo and also a free estimation of Cost of Painting a Condo. We’ll work together in finding the best small condo bedroom colour design that fits your personality and other requirements.

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