Hiring Painting Contractor Tips – Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance

Before you hire anyone, you may ask around for painting contractor tips. It is vital that you get as much information as you can before employing any company. Insurance is one of the most necessary features any company should have. You should get to know their rights and what it entails in regards to their insurance.

Hiring Painting Contractor Tips

Start by understanding what is (WSIB) and General Liability Insurance –

Homeowners should always check references and past work history before hiring a contractor or painter. No one wants to end up with a bad renovation. However many fail to verify if a contractor is insured and covered by WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or Workers Compensation). That mistake could end up costing you WAY more than a bad renovation.

Is it Important Your Painter has (WSIB) and General Liability Insurance Coverage?

Injury and insurance coverage might seem like an afterthought, but ponder these statistics and you’ll quickly learn it’s much more of a problem than you might think.

  • •In Ontario alone, 2 out of 3 painting contractors ARE NOT insured by Workers Compensation (WSIB)
  • •39% of General Contractors in Canada DO NOT have General Liability Insurance Coverage
  • •The last year in Ontario, there were 22,000 injuries with 12 resulting in death

Statistics also show that the smaller the Toronto painting contractor the more likelihood of a claim. Contractors with annual revenues of under $1 million averaged five claims per year.

So how could that end up costing you? If a worker suffers an injury on your property and the painting contractor doesn’t have coverage by WSIB, the cost could come out of your own pocket.

  • •Uninsured homeowners could PERSONALLY be responsible for a worker’s injuries that occur while they are working on their property.
  • •In the absence of proper coverage, the homeowner’s insurance policy becomes the primary insurance. It will cover ALL medical, lost wages and injury expenses.
  • •If the homeowner knowingly hired an unlicensed contractor, their insurance company has the right to deny the claim putting any medical and personal injury bills on the homeowner.

Along with injuries, if a painting contractor has General Liability Insurance that also covers you from any property damage (your property and your neighbours) that occurs during a renovation. Again if the contractor lacks insurance, the financial burden of any damage will fall on YOU. That is why it is fundamental to follow and share these painting contractor tips with anyone that is looking to do a home renovation.

Painting Contractor Tips you Can Control

Now the insurance of a paint company is ultimately out of your control. But do not fret. Here are some painting contractor tips that you can use to your advantage which are totally free of cost!

  • • Be upfront with your projections. The amount of prep needed is a large factor in determining the cost. You must be completely honest with your contractor and what your desired outcome is.
  • Google online reviews of the painting contractor. This will help you gauge the legitimacy of the company you may hire.
  • • Take advantage of getting a free estimate. Almost all contractors should give potential clients a free estimate; use this to your benefit when comparing prices.
  • Account for longevity. One of many pro painting contractor tips is to look at the history of your potential contractor. The longer they have been around, the more legitimate they usually are.

The Most Essential Painting Contractor Tip

Saving the best for last, the most important tip to consider is to take into consideration the timing of the job and the square footage of your house. These two factors will always differ from each painting contractor, one may charge more for a larger house than the other. Some contractors can get the job done faster with no premium charge, while others will charge you extra.

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