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Two benefits of re-caulking your windows and doors when completing other renovations:


• Exterior caulking seals up any gaps or cracks between the wall and your windows or doors. Small cracks may appear due to natural weathering, or even just the house settling.

• Many Toronto homes are older and need preventative maintenance. These cracks might start small, but they can cause big problems later on.

• Sealing your windows and doors prevents water from penetrating into the walls or the inside of the house, which can cause flooding, moisture build-up, and mold.

exterior caulking process professionally done by home painters in toronto


• Repairing water damage from storms and floods is one of our most common calls here at Home Painters Toronto. Professionally caulked and sealed windows and doors can prevent or reduce the impact of leaks, saving you money on costly repairs.

• Exterior Caulking can also help lower your heating and cooling costs. You don’t want your air conditioner working overtime in the summer if properly caulking your windows can keep that cool air inside where it belongs.

• Importantly, exterior caulking your windows and doors can protect your overall investment and extend the life of your home.

Where and how can we caulk?

Caulking is most commonly applied around windows and doors, but it can also be used to finish and seal other parts of the exterior of your homes such as concrete slabs, roof flashing, aluminum siding, and trim, vinyl siding and trim, and anywhere else you are worried about the weather.

There are several types of exterior caulking on the market and we recommend only using the best. For example, Mono, Dymeric, Dap, and Dow Corning are all quality caulking brands that we use, however, your selection will be based on the circumstance and budget. There are several different levels of caulking. However, what is recommended will always depend on your needs and budget. Above all, we want our customers to get the right advice for their situation.

Advantages of having the best EXTERIOR CAULKING for your property?

Toronto weather can be harsh. The GTA regularly sees cold weather, floods, storms, and even tornados and earthquakes! This is why exterior caulking in terms of windows and doors is one of the most important things to consider when painting or repairing the interior or exterior of your home.

How much does Exterior Caulking cost?

When you come home, you should look forward to being pleased with your exterior rather than cringing at the cracks, peeling paint, and clutter. The fastest and cheapest way to make your home appear more appealing is to paint its exterior. At Home Painters Toronto, we offer exterior caulking services! Before you begin your project, it is important to consider a number of factors related to budgeting for exterior caulking. There are a variety of factors involved with the process, from hiring professional painters to the size of the exterior of your house. Everything you need is right here, from how much do painters charge to how much does exterior caulking costs.

So, how much does it cost to have painters caulk the exterior of your house? When looking at an average estimate for the cost of exterior caulking, you can expect the average price to be around $1,500 – $3,000 +hst. This price covers an average-size home.

Before and after picture window caulking, how to caulk, caulking windows, exterior window caulking

Here Are Some Exterior Caulking Painting Costs

Costs for exterior caulking are dependent on different factors and vary at different levels. Generally, it starts at $1,495 +hst.  

The average cost for exterior caulking: 

  • Minimum job size: $1,495 +hst
  • Small to medium sized houses: $1,500  to  $3,000 +hst
  • Large to XL houses: $2,000  to  4,000 +hst

If you want to know the exact price to paint your home, we would recommend getting a free estimate. Click here to fill out the form or text/ call at 416-494-9095.

Average Completion Time For Exterior Caulking 

The question that people often ask is how long does exterior caulking take. Toronto homes can vary greatly in size, but the whole process can be completed along from 2 to 4 days for both, small – medium sized houses. For large – XL houses the process can take 4  to  8 days.

Factors The Can Affect The Cost Of Exterior Caulking

There are several factors that can affect the cost of caulking the exterior of a house. Here are some to consider when preparing your budget:

  1. Size of the job: You will get a better price per linear meter if your project is big. 
  2. Preparation work required: Do some of the preparation work yourself. By doing so, there will be less work for painters, so you’ll save some money. 
  3. Urgency speed: If your job needs to be completed urgently, more painters will be needed and this will cost you more. 
  4. Time of the year: It is important to choose an appropriate time to realize your exterior caulking project as it will influence the cost of the whole process. From September to December is usually the best time for your exterior caulking. 
  5. The difficulty of the job: This is one of the most important factors for determining the cost of your project. Your exterior walls’ height, sharpness, and how easy it may be to reach those areas are important considerations. High and sharp walls require more work, so the cost for exterior caulking will be higher. 
  6. Payment terms i.e. Visa vs e-transfer: Several clients prefer to pay with a credit card, however, these payments all come with extra fees that just increase the total price.  
  7. You realize your painting projects ended up messy because cheap painters did poor work, so you need to start again!
Before and after picture for Trim Repair
cream exterior trim on a Toronto house by Toronto painting company

Some common questions for Exterior Caulking

Does the price include materials and labor too?

Yes, labor and all materials required for exterior caulking are included.

Is it necessary to move things around and clear the areas to be caulked before the painters arrive?

Yes, painters can usually do it for you, but it will add to the overall estimate and will add to the number of hours of your project. It is usually fine to ask them for help with any oversized items that you are unable to move on your own; this is to allow them to paint.

Exterior Caulking – Windows and Doors Cost

Small to Medium Houses
$1,500 to $3,000 + HSTaverage
  • Labour, paint and materials included.
Large to XL Houses
$2,000 to $4,000+ + HSTaverage
  • Labour, paint and materials included.

These prices are just average ballpark price ranges. For a more accurate estimate, please fill out the web form on the page.

Here are the two most popular means of applying exterior caulking:

Option 1:

  • Firstly, we completely remove the existing caulking, insulate, and then re-caulk the entire window or door. In other words, this means scraping and chiseling out all the existing caulking, then filling the gap with foam insulation. To finish, we run a new bead of high-quality industrial caulking across the gap to seal the entire area. It is more expensive, but at the same time is the most thorough method of external caulking.

Option 2:

Simply fill in all the existing gaps with new high-quality Dap or Mono caulking. Next, we clear away the loose debris before we start, but if the caulking is old, weak, and brittle it is always better to remove it before applying new caulk. Overall, this is a less expensive option, and we always recommend going with Option 1 because it provides a better seal. However, if you’re worried about your budget, sometimes this method works just as well.


Before and after picture window caulking, how to caulk, caulking windows, exterior window caulking
exterior caulking process professionally done by home painters in toronto
Exterior Caulking Windows and Doors
Before and after picture window caulking, how to caulk, caulking windows, exterior window caulking
Exterior Window Caulking and Wood Refurbishing
Exterior Painting in Toronto

Here is what to do when you are ready to do some exterior caulking on your home:

  • Firstly, contact us and ask for a free quote! We have the fastest response service in the business.
  • Our exterior caulking and painting expert will arrive on-site and give you a needs-and-expectations assessment and a detailed estimate of what you done in terms of exterior caulking.
  • We will book the job with you and set up an ideal start date, charge your deposit and confirm any other exterior scope details just to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Next, our team will show up on time on the first day of the job and do a walk-through with you to double-check that we understand your needs. Then, we’ll set out an action plan and get started on your exterior caulking project pronto!
  • We begin by tackling the areas that need tending to the most when it comes to exterior caulking.
  • Usually for this process, it’s all about ensuring that the windows and doors have caulking that will protect adequately against weather and simple aging.
  • Once we are finished, we will clean up the worksite and ensure that we leave it as clean as when we first found it! Then, our team will do a final walk-through with you to make sure that you are happy with the job before we consider it complete. Remember, we are not satisfied until you are 100% satisfied!
  • Most importantly, Home Painters Toronto doesn’t process your final payment until you tell us that you’re completely happy with our work.


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Next Steps?

Always want your home looking great. Peeling or flaking caulking looks like a problem waiting to happen. Punch up your curb appeal and your home’s external appearance by repairing and replacing your existing exterior caulking. Call or email us! We are waiting to talk to you and make your dream a reality.

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