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Kitchen Week: How to Paint your Linoleum Kitchen Floor

Painting your kitchen floor has the potential to change the whole look of the kitchen. It is also a relatively inexpensive way to add some life to your outdated flooring, without costly renovations. Your kitchen is a high traffic area. This makes your kitchen floors a target for more constant wear and tear than other place in your home


But trying to paint linoleum can be tough. Painting kitchen floors vinyl or lino isn’t like painting walls or even painting kitchen cabinets. The smooth surface of linoleum makes it hard for paint to stick to it. Kitchens floors are also exposed to moisture because of daily kitchen activities like cooking and cleaning. But you want to make a change in your kitchen floor, without replacing it. We’ll give you a word of warning – this process takes several days!

Want to paint linoleum?

Follow these steps to painting linoleum floors and give your kitchen new life.

Step 1: Preparation and more preparation!

  • painting kitchen floorsInspect your kitchen floor to see if it is in good enough condition for painting.
  • If you find any cracks, be sure that they are not the type that chip off the surface. This could be a persistent issue even after painting kitchen floors.
  • If your linoleum looks wavy, this is a sign that it might be breaking from underneath. Check it out thoroughly before continuing.
  • Clean the floors. Don’t just mop, get down and scrub. This will help the paint stick better when we get to painting the floor.
  • Use a heavy-duty tri-phosphate (TSP) cleaner to remove all traces of grease and grime.  We always recommend TSP to take care of prepping surfaces for painting. You can find it in any of your local Toronto home improvement stores.
  • The surface of the linoleum might still look glossy. In this case, use a degreaser or a wax stripper to remove the layer of protective wax.


Step 2: Sand Floor Smooth

  • Using a medium grit sandpaper, sand the surface of the floors.
  • This gets rid of the traces of wax that are left. It also makes the surface rough enough for the paint to stick.
  • Cover all areas of the floor. Don’t forget the edges and the corners.
  • Mop and clean the floors to get rid of any remaining dirt or particles from the sanding.


Step 3: Prime

  • painting linoleum floorsPick a primer that is designated for flooring. Ask for help at the paint counter if you aren’t sure.
  • Make sure the floors are completely dry.
  • Using a roller or brush, apply primer to the floor.
  • Use as many coats as you need to get a smooth surface.
  • Let the primer dry. This might take a couple of days.


Step 4: Paint Linoleum

  • Benjamin Moore and Behr both make paints specially designed for floors and porches, usually oil-based so they can stand up to more wear and tear.
  • Even if it costs a little bit more, make sure you choose a high-quality paint so you don’t have to be back on your hands and knees painting linoleum floors any time soon.
  • Choose one of these porch-and-floor paints in your desired color, or use an oil-based polyurethane coat to finish. Apply 3 or more coats over your chosen color.
  • You might need two coats of paint for the floor to absorb the paint.
  • Make sure each coat is dry before applying the next. Waiting period between coats is usually about a day.


Tips For Painting Kitchen Floors:

  • paint linoleumIf you have an older floor, there may be some dents that are not visible during daytime. When you are finished preparing your floor, go over them with a flashlight in the dark. If you find any pits, fill them with wood putty before sanding the floors.
  • Use a primer that is similar in color to your paint.
  • If your linoleum floors have grooves in them, to look more like tile, make sure you sand into the grooves and don’t just run over it.
  • You might want to allow linoleum kitchen floors a week to set. Kitchen appliances are very heavy and could ruin a floor that is not fully cured.


Of course, if you aren’t feeling up to the extra work, why not let Home Painters Toronto take a load off your back? With over twenty-five years of professional painting experience and one of the top ratings in Toronto and the GTA, there is no kitchen floor we haven’t been able to make sparkle. We’ll give you advice on the process, help you pick colors, and let you know everything you need to know about painting kitchen floors. Seen some pictures of painted kitchen floors and now you want your own? Give us a call today at 416-494-9095 for your FREE quote, or email us any time at Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com. We can’t wait to get started in your house, painting linoleum floors.

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