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Few things burn more than having your hard earned money stolen by a scammer.

Unfortunately, the painting industry has its fair share of con artists ready to prey on you. 

Thankfully, if you’re willing to pay close attention and sniff out these common warning signs, you can prevent yourself, and your money, from being scammed by a criminal painter. 


1. Do They Even Exist?

Not all bad painters show up in a rusty truck and shady clothes. Many will be well dressed and professionally presented to try and steal your money. Ask for a business card and look them up. Do they have a physical address? Have they been reviewed by real customers on sites like HomeStars.com? If you can’t verify their credentials, you can bet a scam is waiting for you at the end.


2. Deal of a Lifetime

When the price they quote sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The only way a painter can give you an abnormally low price is if they cut corners, skip prep work and use cheap paints. This is why it’s important to get several quotes and details about the work they will do. This will arm you with information to compare and reference when selecting your next painter.

 3. Quote on the Fly

No two paint projects are the same. Each job needs a thorough assessment of the prep work and paint needed before a quote can be properly priced out. Beware of a painter who does a quick walk around and throws out a quote. The price will usually go up once the job has started or they’ll use low quality products and skip prep to get the job done.

4. Pressure Tactics

Like buying a car, you should never let yourself be pressured into a deal. It’s a sign of desperation and that’s not someone you want painting your home. And don’t be baited by “discounts” as they try to get you to commit. These are all signs that lead to nowhere good.

5. Pay Attention

Even when all the above warning signs check out, once the job starts you can’t let your guard down. If you agreed upon high quality paints, check to see if those paints are actually being used. Educate yourself on common prep work a paint job requires. If you have things like mold or very old paint, make sure your painter doesn’t simply paint over it. By skimming on proper prep, a painter can cut his time by as much as half and you won’t know it until the paint starts to fail.

As criminals get more sophisticated, it is harder now than ever before to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

At Home Painters we take your investment seriously and want to put you at ease the moment we step into your home. 

First you can schedule, at your convenience, a FREE, in-home, no obligation consultation. Here we will walk you through all your options and answer any questions you have about painting your home. Our professional colour consultants can also help you choose the right colours to get the most value out of your renovation. 

Then you can verify our work on HomeStars.com where Home Painters is a Top Rated Company and a quick check with the Better Business Bureau will show that we hold and maintain an A+ Rating. 

Home Painters is also an Authorized Service Provider for the Home Depot so you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most professional service, top quality paints and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

So call 416.494.9095 or email us at [email protected] and schedule your FREE consultation today. 

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