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How To Repair a Deck – Tips and Guidelines

Wooden Deck Repair Tips

How enjoyable is it to relax out on your deck, breath in fresh air and sip on your favourite beverage? But are you noticing your deck is in need of some TLC? Repairing a deck yourself requires some careful planning, so read on to plan for deck repair costs, get some deck repair tips and learn how wood filler can be your best friend while you repair wooden deck.


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Planning to Repair a Deck Costs


 Whether you have a small deck repair or a large repair, you can consider the cost of the different types of wood you will be using to repair your deck with.

  • Typically, pressure treated wood can range around $0.75 and $1.50 per linear foot.
  • Cedar and redwood can range around $1.25 and $2.00+ per linear foot.

You’ll need to consider the cost of materials for deck repair as well

Aim to spend between $20 to $200 on stain and supplies. This will also depend on the size of wooden deck you need to repair and how much damage there is.

  • If you need a pressure washer you can either borrow from a friend or neighbour to help cut costs or you can rent one for around $40 to $100. It will help if you already own one but if you buy one you’ll probably spend close to $300+.
  • As for the cost of supplies like tools, you could spend anywhere from $10 – $200 depending on how many tools you already own or how many tools you can get your hands on without buying them. It is not recommended to borrow these tools in case they break or aren’t in the best shape – you’ll only waste time running around trying to replace them.
  • Your time costs money too. Aim to spend an entire weekend to repair a deck. Of course it may not take you this long, but two days gives you enough times to carefully make any repairs, search for signs of damage that will need repairs in the near future and any last minute running around you may need to do. Just remember that even though repairing a deck yourself can be rewarding, it can also be time consuming.


2. Deck Repair Tips


  • Always look for visible damage. If you see loose railings, or any nails popping up from the boards you should replace the nails with screws and fix the loose railings to make sure safety is not compromised.
  • Before you start to repairing a deck, either pressure wash it or scrub it down with a cleaner safe for the wood on your deck. You can use bleach and water to rid of any mildew.
  • Using a deck stain is not always necessary, but it is highly recommended if you want to prolong the life of your deck and keep enjoying those relaxing days out on the deck!
  • If you need to replace any of the boards on your deck and the old boards were rotten, cover the ground with plastic and paint all exposed wood with a wood preservative.

3. Using a Wood Filler to Repair a Deck

  • Using wood filler is extremely beneficial when you are trying to repair your deck. Epoxy wood fillers are your best choice. They are available in two parts and can be shaped and molded. This wood filler is can be used practically anywhere! And the best part? The durability of epoxy wood filler means that it will keep its hold throughout the harsh weather changes which is perfect for the Toronto area! 

Hopefully you gained enough insight on how to repair a deck with these tips and guidelines and you’re all ready to begin on this project! But, if your time is too valuable to invest in repairing a deck, Home Painters Toronto will gladly do it for you! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 for a free deck repair cost estimate.

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