A well kept deck gives your home additional room for family time and relaxation, it also works to add value to your home. Like any backyard living space, Mother Nature rears her ugly head and keeps things interesting. As a homeowner, it’s important to protect your deck from wind, rain, sun and snow. If anything about deck staining or protecting sounds like it’s out of your wheel house, simply call professional house painters in!


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In the event that you’ve disregarded things for a long time, your deck will start to show its wear and tear along with age. Also, the wood can start to separate as well. Which could prompt a hazardous surface that may have nails at the surface and wood ready for splinters. Fortunately recoloring a deck its original magnificence and stretch its life span is a basic DIY task that requires a little time and work.

The objective of fixing up and staining your deck is to keep the wood looking new. You also want it solid by locking out dampness and keeping those harmful UV rays at bay. Most deck stains and sealants will do precisely that with just a coat or two, as long as the deck is prepared and the stain is appropriately applied. Doing so requires having the right materials and tools on hand and picking out your deck stain.


Types of Deck Stain

There are four primary classifications of stain and sealant that you can choose from, all of which possess different colour effects:

Transparent Stain: Transparent stains work best with original wood that has almost no age or wear or tear. It works really well for shiny new decks or those that haven’t been around for too long and present to weather and dampness. A transparent stain allows the grain of your wood to still shine through and gives a nice rustic look.


Types of Deck Stain, how to stain your deck, deck staining, deck painting cost, how to stain a deck, best deck paint, deck paint colors


Semi-Transparent Stain: Fundamentally the same as transparent stain, semi-transparent stain likewise shows wood grain as well. Semi-transparent stain contains some pigmentation and allows you to coordinate your deck stain with the look of your home. It also helps to hide slight imperfections and age.

Solid Stain: At the point when you’re working with decking that has been around for some time,  a solid stain is a good choice since it totally covers the wood grain while at the same time giving a strong look. It’s available in various colours other than just wood tones. A solid stain allows you to add personality to your deck by either coordinating with your home or offsetting it nicely. As a solid stain, it will also work to oppose water.


DIY: 6 Steps to Stain Your Deck

The process of deck staining is quite straightforward. However, it’s mostly separated into two significant categories: cleaning and readiness and the actual deck staining.

Step 1: Start the cleaning process by removing all furnishings and other items from your deck. From here you can also examine your deck for harmful nails or splintering areas. Sand down any fragmented sheets with 80-coarseness sandpaper and a discretionary post sander. Eliminate any rotted sheets or beams and nail in any jutting nail heads to forestall tangles.


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Step 2: Before really applying the deck cleaner, be certain to get your deck wet completely over the entire space. Follow the instructions on the container of the cleaning solution. At that point, apply the cleaner to a wet or dry surface utilizing the nursery sprayer on your hose. Work the cleaner into the loads up with the fibers of your brush and allow it to sit for the assigned time. Then wash the cleaning solution with the hose fitted with a high-pressure spout.

Step 3: When complete, allow the deck to dry for approximately 48 hours before proceeding on to the deck staining process. At this point in the process, it’s important to check on the weather for the upcoming days. You want to ensure dryness and no rain in the forecast.

Step 4: Set up the sealer as well as stain as per the instructions, taking into consideration to combine the two to guarantee an even staining over the outside of your deck.

Step 5: Allow enough time for the stain or sealer to dry and then you can apply a second lighter coat of deck staining. Contingent upon the overall state of your deck, you may just need to reapply a second coat in select areas.

Step 6: Allow the deck to completely dry as indicated by the instructions on your stain or sealant. When it is dry, rewash the area and eliminate the plastic defensive sheet, if you used one to protect any surrounding surfaces.

Deck staining

And there you have how to stain a deck! And you’ve probably learned a little more about all the different types of deck stain as well.

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