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Moore Park

Home Painters Toronto, a top professional painting contractor in Moore Park

Moore Park is a unique Toronto neighbourhood surrounded by several natural borders. Its boundaries include the Moore Park Ravine, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Balfour Park, Vale of Avoca Ravine, Mount Pleasant Road and the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks.

The exclusive neighbourhood has well-maintained treelined streets and homes. The area has very good public schools and several recreational facilities that include nature walks, sports fields, and movie theatres. The proximity to downtown Toronto and the shopping districts available on St Clair, Yonge, and Davisville are some of the other factors that make Moore Park attractive.

Moore Park homes consist1 of Tudor houses, George Style houses, English cottages, modern townhouses, multiplex and duplex homes. The homes occupy large lots and often feature beautiful gardens and shared driveways.

We at Home Painters Toronto are among the top painting contractors who have had the privilege of painting and maintaining dozens of these exclusive homes in the Moore Park neighbourhood.

Our extensive experience and ability to handle all types of painting projects makes us the preferred painting contractor in Moore Park. Whether you want to paint your home exteriors or give a bathroom a complete makeover we are up to the task. Our high quality and honest painting services covers both residential and commercial buildings.


Moore Park Painting Services we provide for you:

Home interior painting colour selection

When painting your house 2we assist you in selecting suitable colour schemes that will provide your home with warmth, calmness and comfort. Our colour consultant will analyze each room individually and pay attention to details such as the design, size, height, ceiling, trim, the lighting position and amount of natural light coming into the room.

Home Painters Toronto will also check the type of furniture in the room, the usage and traffic. The colour schemes and painting techniques of a kitchen may differ from that of a bathroom or bedroom. However, all the surfaces are prepared, repaired and cleaned equally. All rooms are also treated equally when it comes to being painted with the environmentally friendly paint that we use.

At the project’s completion we will have provided you with a uniform high standard paint finish in all the rooms irrespective of the design, size or colours used.

Our colour consultation and painting services cover both exterior and interior surfaces on all buildings. Whether yours is a commercial building, office block or a home, we customize our services to address your specific needs.

Home Painters Toronto services

  • Townhouse painting
  • Georgian House Painting
  • Tudor Home painting
  • English Cottage Home painting
  • Bungalow painting
  • Condominium painting
  • Residential building painting
  • Apartment Painting
  • Custom built home painting
  • Painting driveways
  • Faux finishes
  • Deck Staining
  • Metallic Finishes
  • Trim Painting
  • Exterior Staining
  • Kitchen restoration
  • Colour consultation
  • Bathroom painting

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Moore Park

Our first class professional 3painting in Moore Park covers all parts of the neighbourhood, along Moore, St Clair Avenue, Mount Pleasant Road, Moore Avenue, Rosedale Heights drive, Garfield Avenue. Along Glenrose Avenue, Welland Avenue, Heath Street Cliffong Road, Moore Avenue, , Hudson Drive, Harper Avenue, Castowe Road and Ridge Road. We also cover areas near the Moore Park Ravine, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Balfour Park, Vale of Avoca Ravine, Mount Pleasant Road and near the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks.

Home Painters Toronto has been offering professional painting services in Toronto neighbourhoods for over 25 years. During this time we have encountered almost every type of building structure, and managed to deliver high quality painting services to all of them.

We have kept abreast with the latest painting technologies, products and techniques. This enables us to provide you with a cost-effective and efficient paint finish or renovation service. In addition, we continue training our employees on technical, communication and customer relationship skills.

Our friendly and honest services have seen us get the A+ Better Business bureau rating together with being rated as a Top Painting Contractor at Homestar.com. This is a proof that our first class services are amongst the best and have received very positive reviews and recommendations.

To join our list of happy and satisfied clients, talk to one of our professionals at 416 494 9095 or email us at Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com.

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