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Leaside is a high profile upper middle class neighborhood in Toronto. Its borders include the Canadian Pacific railway tracks, Laird Drive, Gundy Park, Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East.

The neighborhood got its name from William Sea, whose family was amongst the first to reside in the area. The popular neighborhood is one of the most expensive real estate districts in Toronto due to its favorable features. It has good schools, recreational and sporting facilities, convenient public transit, and the great shopping facilities on Bayview Avenue, not to mention the abundant parkland and green space.

The Leaside started as an industrial area with a few residential houses for the workers. The growth started to slow down after the First World War because of low demand for shells and other war materials which were some of the products manufactured by the factories. Its new developments are now more residential with most of the factories moving out or closing down.

The majority of Leaside upper middle class families live in single-family homes situated on large lots with private garages and drives. The house designs include Tudor-style, two-storey detached houses, semi detached houses, bungalows, bungalows with second storey additions, and custom designed houses replacing older structures. Other structures include luxury condominiums, townhouses and some rental apartment buildings. Most homes in Leaside have hardwood floors, wood trims and fireplaces.

Catering to the diverse range of house designs and the specific tastes of the families requires experienced and professional contractors like the ones with Home Painters Toronto. We are a reliable company delivering long-lasting exterior and interior painting solutions to the Leaside community. The professional contractors at Home Painters Toronto combine their extensive knowledge gained over 25 years in the painting industry with their superior techniques to bring you high standard painting services.

Leaside Painting Services we provide for you:

Home Interior painting

To provide you with an excellent paint finish, we begin by preparing all the surfaces, walls, ceiling, wood trim, and other features in the room. The wall preparation involves washing off grease, dirt, oil buildup, any powdery substances and loose paint. The preparation may also involve repairs such as patching cracks, gaps and holes with the patching or spackling compounds. We will also sand, clean and prime all bare surfaces.

Home Painters Toronto will then use state of the art tools and techniques to sequentially paint the surfaces starting with the ceilings, then the walls, the woodwork including all the trim around the ceilings, windows, the doors and the floor. When we have to paint the floor we start at the furthest diagonal corner from the exit and finish as we leave the room.

In addition to painting living rooms and bedrooms we also paint, restore and remodel kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, in addition to our superior interior painting Home Painters Toronto offers other skillful painting covering the exteriors and driveways. Our professional painting is available for all residential as well as commercial structures.

Home Painters Toronto services

  • Painting storey houses
  • Painting Condos
  • Painting Bungalows
  • Apartment Painting
  • Painting Swimming pool basins
  • Painting driveways and garages
  • Painting custom built homes
  • Commercial building painting.
  • Trim Painting
  • Wooden floor painting
  • Trim Painting.
  • Exterior Staining
  • Painting Shop Front.
  • Town House painting
  • Home restoration services
  • Kitchen painting.
  • Carpentry
  • Bathroom restoration
  • Colour consultation.

 Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Leaside

Our Leaside professional painting services cover all the areas in the neighbourhood along Bayview Avenue, Glenvale Boulevard, Eglinton Avenue East, Gundy Park and Southvale Drive, near Howard Talbot Park, and Don Valley Ravine. Other areas are Rumsey Road, Bessborough Drive, Rolph Road, McRae Drive, Laird Drive, Millwood Road, Howard Talbot Park, Leacrest Road, near Trace Manes Park and near the Memorial Community Gardens.

At Home Painters Toronto we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality and variety of professional painting services in Leaside. Our friendly and polite professionals as well as our flexible working hours enable us to deliver high quality environment-friendly painting that makes your home look great, inviting and lovely.

We put a lot of emphasis on training our professionals to equip them with the best and current technologies in addition to perfecting our other proven and efficient painting methods.

Home Painters Toronto’s high standard painting services are guaranteed to revitalize your home and give it a first class, long lasting finish that remains fresh for several years. In addition, the quality painting protects your house against weather effects while increasing its market value.

Home Painters Toronto will be delighted to assist you and your family so that you can start truly enjoying your lovely and beautiful home in Leaside.

To get our assistance, please email Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com or call our customer helpline at 416 494 9095.

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