10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring A Painting Contractor

Hiring a painting contractor to come into your home can be downright scary. So here are 10 questions you must ask your painter before hiring them. It’s important to put safety first since the painter and their colleagues may be meeting your family and children, seeing your possessions, will become familiar with your schedule and learn many more details about your personal life. Here’s how to minimize the risk:

10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring A Painting Contractor

1: How long have you been in business?

Ask your painting contractor how long they have been in business. And only consider someone who has more than five, and preferably 10 years of experience. That way you’ll know that painting is their profession and they have the training, skills, knowledge, experience and commitment to providing you with professional work.

2: Are you and your workers licensed and bonded?

Ask to see your painting contractor’s business licence number so you can check to see if they have any judgments against them. Having a licence also means they are more likely to adhere to building codes, safety standards and sound business practices. A painting contractor will also get bonded, and bond their employees when hiring them to protect against theft and any damages to your property.

3: Can you provide references?

Before hiring a painting contractor ask for at least four references that are recent, as well as from three to five years ago to see if their work was done well and the financial arrangements were satisfactory. It’s easy for any painting contractor to only provide you with good references (or even fake ones), so be sure to ask lots of questions, and see photos of the work to ensure the references are legitimate.

4: Do you have liability insurance and Worker Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage?

General liability insurance of at least $1 million and preferably more, provides coverage and compensation for damages to you, your home and the workers, but call your home insurance company first before hiring a painting contractor to be sure you’re protected in the event of an accident.

The painting contractor and his workers must also be covered by WSIB insurance. It is to protect and cover them if they get injured on the job — otherwise you could be liable. Ask to see a certificate of proof and notify your insurance company.

5: Are your workers employees or subcontractors?

An established successful painting contractor attracts loyal, long-standing employees so ask if they have employees or subcontractors. Subcontractors may be less likely to care about your painting project because they don’t have a strong vested interest in growing the painting contractor’s business, or perhaps even a thorough understanding of the entire painting project agreement.

Hiring Painting Contractor

6: Have you and your employees had criminal checks done?

In this era of privacy laws, it’s difficult to obtain information like this on anyone. So before hiring a painting contractor ask to see confirmation of having had a criminal background check, as well as of his employees.

7: Do you have a portfolio?

A painter who is serious about growing his business will have a portfolio of his work whether it’s photos they can show you, a brochure or website. Ask to view their portfolio so you can feel confident in their work. As well as in their knowledge of products, color and trends. Check that their portfolio is real by following up with references.

8: Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau or other association?

Belonging to the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or a trade association shows the painting contractor’s commitment to integrity and ethical business practices. Ask to see membership proof.

9: Do you provide a warranty?

Ask for a warranty on the painting contractor’s work that is at least for one year. If your paint starts to bubble or peel they will be obligated to return and fix the problem.

10: What products do you recommend and why?

With an enormous variety of paint products to choose from, asking what products. The painter prefers and why will show the level of quality and the costs he’s comfortable with spending. Those choices will influence his suggestions and costs for your paint project. And give you confidence that you are hiring a painting contractor who is suitable.

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