How To Prep Rusted Galvanized Metal for Painting


How To Prep Rusted Galvanized Metal for Painting

Galvanized metal is a commonly used metal for piping, building support beams, ducts for air conditioning and heating, handrails, barriers and even roofs. Because galvanized metal is so long-lasting it works well in areas that need to withstand extreme weather conditions. In Toronto galvanized metal is mainly used for handrails and support beams around the exterior of your home. Although this type of steel is treated with zinc oxide to last in harsh climate changes over time the zinc oxide within the metal can wear away and begin to rust. If you are going to repair rusted galvanized metal you’ll need to act quickly before it spreads and becomes much more difficult to fix. When you read on you’ll learn how to prepare to paint rusted galvanized metal that has worn from age.

How to Prep Rusted Galvanized Metal for Painting

Materials That You Will Need to Prepare Rusted Galvanized Metal to be Painted

  • Rust Proof Primer (and paint bucket)
  • Sandpaper
  • Wire Brush/Electric Sander
  • Paint Brush
  • Rag

1.  Wipe, Sand and Scrape


  • With your rag, wipe away any dust, dirt or debris from the galvanized metal so that you can have a clean area to work with.
  • With your sandpaper or wire brush sand along the galvanized metal by vigorously sanding right to left along the entire length of the rusted metal. You want to take your time with it to be sure you sand away any loose paint and rust chips. You may choose to use an electric handheld sander to sand away the rust/loose paint – whichever you find easier. Make sure you end up with a smooth surface after sanding so it will be easier to proceed on to the next step.


  • The good thing about sanding the rusted galvanized metal is that you usually won’t come across any seriously rusted metal because the zinc oxide treatment prevents this from happening. So using sandpaper instead of a handheld sander is just as efficient.

2.  Prime


  • Using your metal primer and a paint brush, brush on the primer with 2 coats to seal and protect any future rust from reoccurring. Allow to dry and you have prepped your rusted galvanized metal for painting!

Preparing your old galvanized metal to be painted is a lot easier than you probably thought, right? Because of the durable properties of the material you will find that this is one of the easier D.I.Y projects for the exterior of your home. If you have a galvanized metal roof it will take more time to complete, but it still won’t be a difficult task to accomplish. Now that you know how to correctly prep rusted galvanized metal you’ll be ready to paint it! But if you find that you are having time constraints that work against you then give HPT a call and we’ll do it for you it’s no problem at all!

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