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Choosing exterior paint colors for your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We know how it goes.

  1. You drive around a number of neighborhoods and identify color combinations you might like.
  2. There might be some home magazines that you flip through.
  3. You browse around Pinterest and Houzz.
  4. Then you might also visit a painting store.

Suddenly, you’re left with a list of exterior paint colors that is more overwhelming than when you started.

Choosing paint colors doesn’t have to be so difficult. We all naturally gravitate toward certain colors. So, instead of jumping on the latest fad or trend, consider the colors that naturally draw you in.

Have a look at colors that stand the test of time. If you notice any crossover, your list will naturally get shorter.

Here are #1 tips on how to Pick Exterior Paint Colors:

#1 House Value

If you’re planning on selling soon, you could paint your house greige and likely fetch a higher price.

Zillow conducted a study in the United States and determined greenhouses sold for an average of $1500 more than homes in other colors. Granted, that study was done in the USA, but greige is still a popular choice in Toronto.

That being said, just by repainting your home, you could help increase your home’s sell ability. The fresh paint job looks great. Your house will stand out rather than looking dull. It will also look well-cared for.

#2 Location

A house in Santa Fe will look different than one in a seaside town in Rhode Island.

A home in New York City will likely look different than one found in Key West. Some neighborhoods have a particular style you will want to adhere to.

Maybe you are in a gated community that boasts an Italian flare. A bright red or blue home may stand out, and not in a good way.

Speaking of standing out, you do want your home to look at least a little bit different than every other home on your street.

Have a look at your neighborhood and choose a complimentary color to your neighbors so your home doesn’t blend in too much.

#3 Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style or era could help you determine an appropriate exterior color.

Your paint color should feel complementary to the style of your home. If you veer too far off what’s expected, the end result could be jarring.

#4 Test Drive Your Paint

The paint looks different in the store and on a paint chip. The outside of your home is a big canvas. It’s wise to test out the color on a small part of your home before committing completely.

Paint a small area and look at it in various lighting and at various times of the day.

#5 Consider Trim & Elements

Your trim, front door, and shutters can all be painted in different colors. Most homes follow a three-color rule. The main exterior color, the trim color, and the accent colors. Your palette can be coordinated to match or to contrast. Both can make a striking impact.

TOP #5 Exterior Paint Color Combinations to Consider:

#1 Color Combination

Beige, White & Aqua

Beige, White & Aqua home paint

Beige siding might seem a little boring to some people. Paired with white trim it is quite common. Add in an aqua door and suddenly your home will stand out on your street.

#2 Color Combination

Grey, White & Black

grey, white, black home paint

Grey siding stands the test of time, especially when paired with white trim. Add in a black door and your home will scream of class.

#3 Color Combination

Brown, Beige & Grey

Brown, Beige & Grey

On paper, there’s not much that says personality with this color combination. But, imagine brown siding with beige trim. Then add in a charcoal front door, and even a garage door and you’ve got a color combination to be excited about.

#4 Color Combination

Blue, Cream & Yellow

blue, beige, yellow home paint

Light blue siding is beautiful. It’s different, but not enough to be outlandish. Pair it with a white that casts cream and you’ll have a warm and inviting exterior. Paint your front door yellow and your whole home will smile.

#5 Color Combination

White, White & Wood

White, White & Wood

White on white has a very mid-century farmhouse, modern look. So does white with black trim. But consider a white exterior with matching white trim and then pair with a beautifully stained door and front porch railing. Now that’s classy and classic.

Asking a professional is another great way to decide on your exterior paint color. The experienced team at Home Painters Toronto has painted many homes in our time. We are a great resource when it comes time to choosing paint colors. Plus, we’re really good at painting the exterior of homes too. Give us a call. We’d love to chat and let you know more about our services.

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