Elements To Check For Roof Maintenance

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Elements To Check For Roof Maintenance

Summer is the ideal season for elements to check for roof maintenance. You don’t want to be dealing with roof maintenance during the dead of winter! Visually inspecting your roof will give you a clear idea of the overall condition and the work needed. As the saying goes, prevention is better than healing, so here are the different points to watch out for on your roof. Keep reading to check out all of our roof maintenance tips! 

Roof maintenance: The shingles

Firstly, a shingle is a small coating element that protects roofs and facades from the elements. For roofing, asphalt shingles wear over time and due to intense weather conditions. See if your shingles are broken, warped or if some have raised corners. Check out the nails. Do you see any nails that appear to be loose or visible? The ridge is the upper meeting line of two sides of your roof. It allows these two parts to be joined and ensures that the covering is watertight. Have a look at the ridge — does it look damaged? Any of these issues could result in some much-needed roof maintenance. 

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roof maintenance: The flashings

Secondly, the flashing is a part that is used to ensure water tightness at different points in a structure. A flashing can be installed around a chimney to protect it from rain or snow. Check to see if there any rusty or damaged flashings for standard roof maintenance. Do some flashings appear loose? Is there sealing joints that are cracked or a lack of sealant? In short, if you find some you will need to do some roof maintenance. 

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attic & gutters

Lastly, the attic is the whole made up of the frame and the roof. This is the space under the roof as well as the interior volume bounded by the slopes and the last floor.

Do you see signs of water infiltration through the cover? Perhaps the soffits are blocked. It is advisable to check vents, soffits or fans to make sure dirt or materials do not block them.

Gutters collect rainwater at the base of a roof’s slopes. They can be clogged by leaves during fall or attacked by rust or detached. Remember to check these out during your last inspection!

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Lastly, once you’ve thoroughly checked out all of these elements, your roof should be good to go for the next few seasons!

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