Winter is the ideal time to do some interior renovations and Bathroom painting projects.

When the weather is cold, what is better than a beautiful home to keep you warm? To give your bathroom new life, we suggest doing an update over the frigid winter months. Remember when renovating bathroom or painting bathroom that it is still part of your house and should mesh with the style of the rest of your home.


 1 – A Splash Of Colour:

Nothing brings a room back to life (especially a bathroom which CAN be boring) than a splash of sumptuous colour. Have a professional painting company in GTA paint your bathroom a neutral colour (like beige, brown, white or yellow) then choose a vibrant spot colour.
Many people like to paint bathrooms shades of blue or green, but be creative! Bathroom trends in 2015 are all about comfort, luxury and looks. Add some touches of your spot color in your towels, soap dishes and bath mats bring the whole room together.


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2- Stripes and Textures:

For small bathrooms, or uniquely shaped bathrooms textures or stripes can minimize issues that may be visible. Check out our blog on painting stripes for information on how to paint stripes and choosing the best color for your stripes.


 Home Painters Toronto Tip – Bathroom Trends 2015:

Use a neutral colour as a base and a more vibrant colour for the stripes to create more visual intrigue and contrast.


  3- Pastels are Colors Too:

To really modernize your bathroom in 2015, try painting the bathroom with a mix of rich neutrals (like soft beige, chocolate brown and ivory) paired it a romantic purple pastel. This combination brings a classic touch to your bathroom that screams “This bathroom is from the pages of a decorating magazine”. For help choosing the most stunning pastels best suited to your bathroom, read Unique Bathroom Painting Ideas by Home Painters Toronto


4- Wallpaper is coming back:

It seemed for years wallpaper seemed a trend of the past. Well it’s becoming more and more common for wallpaper to be a request from our clients. With so many new and exciting patterns and designs it’s no wonder wallpaper for bathroom is becoming more popular in 2013. ( Bathroom Trends 2015)


Home Painters Toronto Tip – Bathroom Trends 2015:

When hanging wallpaper, it is very important you hire a seasoned professional. Unlike painting that can easily be just painted over, fixing up a botched wallpaper job is much more time and costly.

  • First, you lose the cost of the wallpaper and material.
  • Second, the cost and time to remove and re-prepare the walls after they have been botched is a hassle no one needs.

With websites like Pinterest and House and Home Magazine Canada around, the bathroom  ideas for a 2015 bathroom renovation are endless.

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