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Making An Unfinished Attic Into Reusable Space

Often enough we overlook the potential space in our attics. There is so much usable space that you can transform unfinished attic storage into and finish your attic –you just have to know how. Read on to learn how to make an unfinished attic into reusable space.

Clean Your Unfinished Attic  & Repair it (If Necessary)

  • Clean the attic out and inspect for any damages that will need to be fixed before starting your attic renovation

  • Check the insulation between the floor joists. Replace any attic insulation where necessary.

  • Repair or seal vents and windows and make sure the surrounding walls are in tact and sturdy.

  • If you are going to use the attic as an additional floor to your home, install windows if there aren’t any already up there.


Install Sub Floor/Flooring and start Attic Renovation

  • Typically an attic does not have an actual floor, just floor joists. Buy supplies to make a subfloor and permanent flooring for the attic renovation. Hardwood is a nice option, but laminate is also an inexpensive alternative to cover your unfinished attic. These two types of flooring are great because if you have a fairly large attic you can build a loft or spare bedroom up there! Otherwise, the purpose of the attic is entirely up to you.

Put Up Drywall

  • By putting up drywall you are making areas functional to serve as a multipurpose room. You may choose to section off an area for a closet, a bedroom or just for organizational reasons.

  • You do not need to put up drywall but it will further utilize the space up there and retain heat and cool air better.

  • Drywall will also make the attic rooms look more like a usable space, and hide the insulation and floor joists throughout.

  • Prime and paint the drywall afterward and you’ll start to see the complete transformation of your attic!

Ventilate The Attic Space

  • Ventilation of the attic is important, install an attic ceiling fan or have the heating and cooling directed up there as well

Electrical Work

  • If there aren’t any usable outlets in your unfinished attic, you will need to install some. The point of this project is to utilize space in your attic and make it purposeful.

  • Have a professional come in and do this for you if you do not know-how. Do not attempt to do this work unless you are completely comfortable and knowledgeable of the process.

Finishing an unfinished attic can be time-consuming but will dramatically increase the storage space and function of your home. It is like adding a new floor to your home, only that floor is already there you are just turning an unfinished attic into reusable space! With a little attic repair and attic renovation, you’ll be amazed why you didn’t do this a long time ago! If you would like some help with this project give Home Painters Toronto a call today at 416-494-9095.

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