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Woodworking In A Tight Space

Have you been thinking about doing any woodwork in your apartment? Are you worried that it will take up valuable time and space? If you follow our handy tips you can get started with a compact woodshop that’s sure to fit into smaller spaces like condos and basements. If you want to do some woodworking in your apartment you can rest assured that the tighter space you’re working in will not stop you from getting things done.


  • You can’t do any woodworking if you can’t see what you’re doing, so before you begin you should make sure you have veryBasement Stairs good lighting. Too often woodshops both large and small aren’t very well lit, which makes it nearly impossible to do a good job.



  • It’s essential that you make the best use of what little space you have by creating separate areas for your tools and lumber. A compact and carefully labelled toolbox will mean that you’re not scrambling around trying to locate what you need. Creating a neat and orderly system will strongly benefit you in the long run.



  • Since you won’t be able to use a number of power tools when you’re woodworking in that tight space it’s important to find tools that are compact and easy to relocate. You’ll need to get in and around the space , so options like a portable table saw, 10″ miter saw, track saw, and drill press are great choices. A swivel stool and work stand can also do wonders when it comes to making your smaller woodshop not feel so cramped or tight.


Cleanup after Woodworking in Tight Space

  • Considering that wherever you’re going to be doing a lot of woodworking, it’s key that the space remain clean. After all, no one wants to be up to their ankles in sawdust! A shop vacuum and saw hoods will all make for easier cleanup. Even with those available you should always wear a dust mask and use an air filter when woodworking indoors. A dust extractor is another good investment which, while expensive, will greatly improve the air quality of the space you’re working in.


basementwood_2Now that you have these tips on how to best start woodworking in your basement or apartment you’re well on your way to achieving your woodworking goals in no time! If you have concerns that your space is far too tight, even after all of our tips, feel free to give Home Painters Toronto a call! Our handymen are used to doing woodworking in spaces both large and small, and will handle your job with ease. Call today at 416-494-9095 or email Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com.

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