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How to Fix Chipped and Peeled Porch Paint

How to fix chipped and peeled porch paint

Sadly, you’re probably going to have to deal with peeled porch paint at least once in your life. Repairing and reapplying porch paint may be a time-consuming task. It is a job worth completing though. A nice, clean-looking porch adds value to your home and welcomes you inside beautifully. In fact, the porch is often the first thing somebody notices as they wait for you to answer the door. An ignored porch can leave guests with a negative impression of your entire house. If you’re wondering how you can fix chipped and peeled porch paint by yourself, then continue to read our how-to guide below!

What Causes Porch Paint to Chip and Peel and how can I Prevent it?

There are many reasons why porch paint may start to chip and peel. For starters, it may have been applied when it was either too hot (above 30 degrees Fahrenheit) or too cold (below 10 degrees Fahrenheit). Applying porch paint in either of these unfavorable conditions causes problems with drying and adhesion. That results in peeling and chipping within only a short amount of time. Excessive moisture is another major culprit. A porch-made sealer or primer will be necessary to stop this issue from occurring.

Another reason why your porch paint may be chipping or peeling is that the surface was not properly prepped. If the last coat of paint wasn’t scraped or sanded off or you forgot to prime it. Then the problems that existed before will continue to live on in the new coat. Poor quality products and tools may also be to blame. Unfortunately, many people choose the cheapest brand to save money when applying porch paint, but the reason why it’s so affordable is that it uses low-grade materials that will give you less-than-stellar results. Identify the potential causes of your bad porch paint and then you can start to fix the problem for good.

Preparing the Surface for New peeled Porch Paint

Before you start to fix up your porch, you will need to wash it so that you have a clean working surface. You can do this using a bucket of soapy water and a sponge or with a pressure washer. One benefit of using the pressure washer is that some of the flaking porch paint will come off as you wash over it.

Don’t forget to move any furniture or plants off your deck before you wash it so that they’re not in your way. This is especially important while you’re painting because you don’t want a spill or any drips to ruin your belongings. You could also put drop cloths around the perimeter of your porch and at the section. Where it meets your house to prevent yourself from damaging your lawn or siding.

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Taking Care of the Damage Before You Reapply Porch Paint

The next step is to remove as much existing paint as you can. Do this by using a putty knife, paint scraper or wire brush. If you have a wooden porch, be careful not to gouge the wood; you may need to fill in spots using an exterior wood epoxy afterwards. If there are any noticeable nicks. You could also opt to use a chemical paint stripper to remove the paint if you wish, but you will need to make sure that you wear the appropriate protective gear to protect your health. If you are working with a wooden deck, any remaining paint that you can’t get off with scraping will be removed when you sand it down. Sanding is important because it provides a rough surface for the paint to stick to and it removes any imperfections in the wood caused by weathering and general use. For a concrete porch, you will roughen the surface by “etching” it with an acid solution instead.

Putting on a Fresh Coat of Porch Paint

There’s still one more step left before you can apply new porch paint: Priming. Priming is necessary for the paint to stick and to prevent further issues with your new coat of porch paint. Remember to use a high-quality product and to ensure that it is meant for exterior use before you apply it. A brush, roller, or paint sprayer will get the job done, although most people agree that a hand-brushed wooden porch looks the best.

Once the primer is dry, you can begin painting. You can also apply the porch paint with a brush, roller or sprayer depending on your preferences. While you would have only needed one coat of primer, two coats of porch paint may be required for you to get the look that you want. Just be sure to let the paint dry properly between coats so that you don’t run into future premature peeling and cracking.

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Don’t Have the Time, Patience, or Experience to Fix Up Your Porch Paint?

We don’t blame you. Removing peeling porch paint and refinishing the surface can be a long, tedious task – especially if you’ve never done it before. If you’d prefer to leave the hard work to the professionals, why not have us come and do it instead. Home Painters Toronto is one of the city’s top-rated painting contractors and with more than three decades of business behind us. You can be sure that we can perfectly complete the job. Contact us and get a free quote for the cost to fix up and reapply porch paint today!

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