Motivating Colours For Teenagers And Kids Bedrooms

When you’re on a roll with your home painting projects, and the next on your list is your kids bedrooms, you may feel a little stumped for what colour you should choose. Perhaps your kiddo has a colour in mind, but it could be something you want to avoid to keep them motivated. Their bedroom is their personal space, yes, but if they’re doing homework and studying in there, it should be a space that fosters motivation and inspiration.


colours for kids bedroom

Of course your child should have a say on the colour of their space, but keep in mind that their tastes are changing all the time. You can suggest to them that they stick to something timeless, or if they choose to go bold, just remember, paint isn’t permanent and can be repainted at any point.

Colour can have a deep impact on how we operate, and it’s usually the first thing we think of when it comes to our home improvement projects. Keep reading for some colour tips for your kids bedroom.


Size of Your Kids Bedrooms

Certain colours can change the perceived size of your space, either making it look much smaller than it is, or much bigger. Many home offices are small bedrooms, if so, choose a light colour to brighten up that small space. If you use your garage as your home office, which is often darker than bedrooms because of lack of windows, choose a light colour.


size of kids bedrooms


Colour Combinations to Avoid for Kids Bedrooms


  • Try to avoid painting your kids bedrooms purple and especially violet. They are good for a work space, but could cause daydreaming.
  • White and red are energizing colours and black is a strong. Combining them can be overwhelming.
  • Unless their room is huge with a lot of natural light, black and super dark colours can make a room feel closed in and gloomy.
  • Grays without a bright trim also tend to look and feel a bit sad or depressing.
  • Use colours in moderation. Bold colours could turn out to be distracting even though they are energizing.


The Atmosphere of Your Kids Bedrooms

Consider these tips when choosing a colour to suit the mood of your kids bedrooms:


  • Colour is known to influence productivity and mood, so choose a colour that is backed by a little research.
  • Bold reds and violets often provoke adrenaline, which naturally increases energy and increases productivity.
  • Yellow and Greens are motivating colours that promote a stimulating and positive attitudes.
  • Green is also related to nature, so it can promote a calming and balanced feeling.
  • Bright lemon yellow can increase comprehension dramatically.
  • Blue increases willingness to read. If you like blue, don’t pick soft, spa-like tones. Try using bold, royal blue and sapphire colours that are bright and vivid.
  • If you’re looking to encourage focus, stay away from light pastel colours.

Other tips include:


  • Try using bold colours on one wall, as an accent, and calming and soothing colours on the other walls. This also helps mentally divide the room as well, so your child can separate work space from sleep space.
  • You can keep the walls neutral, but add accents and pops of bright, motivational colours on the trim and baseboards.
  • If you’ve picked a colour that feels too bright or too dark, you can complement this by painting two walls one colour and the other two the dark colour, and it’ll offset nicely and keep the space bright.
  • You can also add vertical or horizontal stripes to add a bit of flavor to your kids room, or painting techniques like faux paint or rag painting.
  • You can also have a lot of fun with small sections of chalkboard paint. Even if you have a teenager, a big section of chalkboard paint in their workspace area could be fun for them!


kids bedroom atmosphere

Your options are endless, so we know it can be a bit overwhelming to choose, which is why we recommend enlisting in some professional help. We have the experience and the know-how to make this process as simple for you as possible and have your nursery looking top-notch when it’s completely.

Still feeling a little lost? It’s okay, we can help. We’ve been painting houses for over twenty-five years and can put our professional experience to work in your home. We can help pick the perfect colour for your child or teenager’s bedroom, one that will inspire and motivate them for years. Call Home Painters Toronto NOW at 416.494.9095, or email us at to get a FREE estimate for your interior bedroom painting or kid’s bedroom painting project.

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Now that you have weighed out your options and discovered if you can choose, motivating colours for Teenagers and kids bedroom, your choices are narrowed down and it will be a much less stressful decision! We’ll leave it to you to pick the colour though. If you need a little extra inspiration, feel free to visit our Pinterest page too!

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