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Gravitate Studio: How To Workout At Home

Have you been able to work out properly at home during 2020? For a lot of people, fitness and keeping healthy is often at the forefront of their mind. Home Painters Toronto recently had the opportunity to chat with Debbie Kemp from Gravitate Studio in Toronto. Debbie is the owner of Gravitate Studio, which is located on Avenue Road in Toronto. She has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years now. During the global pandemic, it’s been harder to achieve our personal fitness goals. But Debbie has some very useful tips and thoughts for how to workout at home. Let’s dig into all of information involved in how to workout at home and enjoy it!

Gravitate Studio 

Debbie Kemp has been in the fitness industry for many years. At Gravitate Studio, they are dedicated to the “enhancement” of the fitness and wellness goals of their clients. For Debbie, she specializes in a little bit of everything. She’s involved in everything from gravity machine and strength training to now during the majority of 2020, virtual fitness training. On a whole though, you can find a little bit of everything offered up at Gravitate Studios. They virtually offer yoga, Pilates, barre, TRX, boot camp style training and more. The really exciting part is that you can still participate in group classes right now as well!

debbie kemp from gravitate studio, how to workout at home

Easy items you need to workout at home

According to Debbie, you actually don’t need very much when you’re thinking about how to workout at home. Even in urban areas like Toronto without a lot of space, be sure you give yourself enough room to lie down. That’s about all the space you need though!

For any extras, a mat is great as you can do yoga on it as well. Plus, if you have any light weights, that’s awesome too. For those who don’t have the proper workout materials though, Debbie suggests water bottles even! Whatever you have on hand that you can hold and give yourself a little bit of a challenge. Other than that, Debbie notes that you can actually mostly use your body weight. It’s that simple!

debbie kemp from gravitate studio, gravity class, private class
instagram photo from gravitate studio toronto, home workout, working out at home, best at home workout program

Working out at home for those who miss group fitness 

For a lot of people out there, the act of simply leaving the house to hit the gym is their source of motivation to actually get a workout in. Unfortunately, with the way 2020 has panned out, that is not always a feasible option. Luckily, you can still participate in group fitness classes online with places such as Gravitate Studio.

Even if you’re not totally sold on the idea, Debbie urges you to give it a try, especially at Gravitate Studio. You’ll still be provided with guidance, correction as well as motivation from your trainer. Plus, you might find yourself surprised at the group interaction and camaraderie that still occurs. Really, one of the only things that’s missing is leaving your house. Other than that, it’s the perfect way to really think about how to workout at home!

barre class at gravitate studio, how to workout at home, home workout

How to brighten your space & make it more motivating for at home workouts 

There are some tips and tricks that Debbie suggests for those who are looking to make their home space more motivating for home workouts. Debbie notes that if you allow your at home workout space to be filled with bright colours, it can definitely help your energy levels. Even if you hang up a nice photo that makes you feel happy, that can help as well.

Plus, opening your windows a little bit and letting in some fresh air is a little thing that can help wake you up. And if you have the space, it can help to have a mirror in the room. Not only is it nice to be able to watch yourself workout, but it can help to reflect light and make your room appear larger.

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Some images were taken from Gravitate Studio’s Instagram page and GravitateStudio.com.


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