4 Reasons Why Wallpaper Might Be Better Than Paint

4 Reasons Why Wallpaper Might Be Better Than Paint

4 Reasons Why Wallpaper Might Be Better Than Paint

Are you planning a significant room renovation? Why not start with your walls to create the ideal ambiance? If you’re contemplating whether to paint or wallpaper your room, here are the top four reasons why you should go the wallpaper route.

1. Wallpaper Lasts Longer and is Easier to Clean

Wallpaper is an attractive option if you want something that will last longer than paint and cost less in the long run. Unlike paint, will not dent or chip, so you don’t have to worry if you inadvertently bump against it when moving heavy furniture. This also means no touch-ups or other unexpected expenditures down the line.

Wallpaper is relatively simple to clean. To clean scrubbable wallpapers, you can use household materials you already have, such as a sponge (make sure it’s not too abrasive). There’s no need to buy any expensive cleaning solution either; Mix water with a tiny bit of mild detergent, and you’re good to go.

2. Wallpaper Technology Has Come a Long Way

If the phrase “wallpaper” brings up memories of sticky glue on paper and hours of scraping to remove it from your walls – that’s no longer the case. You’d be shocked how far wallpaper technology has progressed.

“Paste the Wall” Wallpapers are easier and quicker to install than standard wallpaper. This process is much neater because you’re applying the paste on the bare wall instead of paper. Following this step, the wallpaper is applied straight to the wall. When you need to remove the wallpaper, all you have to do is peel off a corner and pull it straight off the wall.

Wallpaper application is also more time-efficient. With paint, you’d need to apply multiple layers and ensure that the colour applies evenly throughout the process. That’s not the case with wallpapers.

3. Wallpaper Has More Style Options

Nobody wants to hear, “oh, I have the same COLOURS!” yet it does happen more often when you use wall paint. Paint comes in various colours, but most people choose the same neutral colours to cover their walls, which makes every room seem the same. Wallpapers offer virtually limitless designs, textures, colours, so you’re unlikely to find another homeowner nearby who made the same choice.

Wallpaper removal

4. Wallpapers are Easier to Remove

Wallpapers are a much better alternative for your children’s bedrooms. Every few months, your children will find a new idol or a new cartoon hero. With paint, they can’t readily express their affection for their heroes. You might, however, find images of these heroes online, have them printed, and then plaster the walls without any repercussions or fear of ruining the wall.

Don’t be afraid to wallpaper your space if you’re still on the fence about it. Wallpapering is an obvious choice for people who want to create a unique design for their home, considering that it’s durable and cost-effective, easy to apply and remove, and visually attractive.

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