Why Spring Time is a Great Time to Paint

Exterior painting spring time

Late March To June Is The best Time For Exterior Painting in Toronto

If you are living in Toronto and the GTA, most homes will inevitably need a new exterior paint job sooner rather than later.  The best season to do this is the spring. A fresh painting brings the exterior of the house back to life. It also helps in the preservation of the house against the harsh Toronto weather elements. If your Toronto house paint is closing in on the end of its life expectancy, you are taking a risk by postponing repainting.

Here are some exterior painting tips for painting the exterior of your house in Toronto during spring.

Effects of Temperature on Exterior House Painting

  • •The weather is mild in the spring. Exterior latex paint forms the most durable finish in this weather.
  • •It is more useful to do exterior painting when the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius.
  • •It is important to not be too hot. Hot temperatures tend to speed up the exterior paint drying process.
  • •When it’s too hot, it keeps the paint from setting correctly. Sudden freezes could potentially crack pristine finishes.
  • •By painting during spring, the exterior paint job will last longer.
Exterior painting
Exterior painting
Exterior painting
Exterior painting

How Weather Can Affect the Painted Exterior of your Toronto House

  • •The weather around spring time in Toronto is enjoyable and it’s also a perfect time for house exterior painting.
  • Extreme weather (in hot and cold seasons) is a nemesis of newly painted properties.
  • •Humid weather potentially causes uneven coat textures. It could make the paint job look poor.
  • •Snow can cause damage to a fresh coat of paint.
  • •Moisture makes house paint swell and soften. This ultimately leads to cracking, flaking, and peeling. High moisture environments could begin the growth of mildew.
  • When it is windy, rough winds could overwhelm wet paint under dust.


  • •Spring is a very comfortable time to do exterior house painting in Toronto and the GTA
  • •It is beneficial to paint home before planting and doing other yard work so that your plants will avoid getting crushed if you paint later on.
  • •Painting in the spring gets the project out of the way early.
  • •You have more free time to focus on other household projects like gardening and landscaping on a later date.
  • •It frees up the summer for barbeques, pool parties and other fun summer activities. You don’t have to create room for an exterior home painting for the rest of the year.

Increase Curb Appeal

  • •The value of your Toronto home is automatically increased with a fresh exterior painting. Image is very important to potential home buyers.
  • •Home buyers in Toronto areas typically look to purchase during the spring or summer.
  • •Repainting your home in the spring is an investment that you will surely not regret. The cost to paint is less than the increased value.
  • •People who are looking to purchase a new home put a lot of thought into the look of the exterior.

Now you understand that it is best to do your house exterior painting in the spring, especially in Toronto and the GTA where we get a variety of seasons and extreme temperatures. Remember that the most durable, toughest and best protective finish is attained when the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. This is why springtime is the best time of year for exterior house painting.

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