Testimonial – Repaint Condo

Testimonial – Repaint Condo

The world of condo painting can seem overwhelming at first glance. It’s a realm packed with choices— from diverse colour palettes, varying paint qualities, and unique techniques to intricate preparations. And let’s not forget, it comes with its own set of rules based on your condominium’s association norms. But fear not! We see these challenges […]

How Much To Paint A Condo In Toronto?

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Wondering how much does it cost to paint a condo in Toronto? The answer is, it depends. The price of paint and labour for Toronto condo painting will vary depending on the size of your unit and what type of paint you choose. And whether or not you have any prep work that needs to be done before painting. We’ve […]

Condo Apartment Painter in Don Mills

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Don Mills is a popular and famous Toronto neighbourhood in the North York district. It is encompassed by York Mills Road on the northern side, Victoria Park Avenue on the east, Leslie Street on the west and the Canadian Pacific Railway forming the southern border. The Don Mills neighbourhood consists of industrial, commercial, and residential […]