Surprising Statistics on Unlicensed Painting Contractors

Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor – Did you know out of 20,000 residential renovation contractors and house painters in Ontario, a whopping 37% do NOT have a Master Business License or HST Number and they word as an Unlicensed painting contractors?

This substantial “underground” painting contractor industry in Toronto and the GTA exists because for most people, the biggest factor in a home renovation is it’s price. The lower the better right?


But there’s a reason unlicensed painting contractors can underbid for a job: In the event of a problem, the only one responsible for the damage will be YOU and your assets.

The top problems you’ll face with unlicensed painting Contractors:


  • Most unlicensed painting contractors lack of formal training. If they don’t have or bothered to get a license, why would you believe they actually invested the time for proper time and education in their craft?
  • Ask yourself why don’t they have a license in the first place? They may have been licensed painting contractors in the past but lost it due to complaints, legal charges, and other issues. In other words they are trying to fly “under the radar” for whatever reason. Would you trust your biggest financial asset with someone who can’t even be clear and above board?
  • Unlicensed painting contractors almost always sub-contract and hire other unlicensed painters and workers. Why would a reputable painting contractor risk their business with someone who isn’t licensed? This is also how those low estimates play out – unlicensed help is cheaper.
  • No license means they’re likely not paying taxes, don’t have any liability insurance, don’t carry workers compensation coverage, and almost for sure are not bonded and don’t have criminal background checks. Without an actual business with employees to protect, there’s no incentive to carry coverage. And guess who’s responsible for any claims, accidents, thefts, vandalism, fraud, or poor workmanship? YOU as the HOMEOWNER!!!
  • You might think your home insurance coverage will protect you if you hire unlicensed painting contractors, but think again. Some policies state that if you knowingly hire an unlicensed contractor they can deny coverage.
  • Accountability: Sure the painting job looks good today, but what about in a year or two? It’s very unlikely you’re going to get a contract or guarantee with an unlicensed painting contractor. Fact is they’ll probably be long gone when the time comes. In fact, 95% of painting contractors go out of business within the first 3 to 5 years even when they do have a licence. The failure rate for unlicensed painting contractors are far worse!

Hiring Unlicensed painting contractors ? Its just not worth it

Bottom line: You’re taking a huge risk with your home when you hire an unlicensed painting contractor. Think of it like this: Would you purchase your next laptop computer from Best Buy or a guy selling one from his truck?


With a properly licensed business you can verify its reputation, check real past references and know that in the event of property damage, accident or injury, you will be completely protected.

That’s why at Home Painters Toronto earning your trust is our #1 priority. We strive to give you value and peace of mind for your home improvement dollar.

At Home Painters Toronto we hire only experienced house painters that are fully trained to the high standards we bring to every job. We also protect you and your property with $5 million in General Liability Insurance (versus the industry average $2 million) and have full WSIB coverage.

And even when the job is done, we’re still there for you – all of our work comes with a Two year Quality Guarantee.

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Don’t Forget the Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Painting contractor, simply, it’s not worth it!

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