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When is The Best Time to Paint Your House

This articles tells you when is the best time to paint your house exterior

BEST TIME TO PAINT YOUR HOUSE EXTERIOR– Did you know that experts say that the best time to paint the exterior of the house is in the spring?


Probably you’re wondering when is the best time to paint the exterior of your house, then the answer is right here! The temperature level throughout springtime is the best time of year to paint house exterior in Toronto. You might still be recovering from the cold winter blues in Canada but planning ahead and getting a jump on a spring paint makeover will save you work. Give you a much more durable house paint job and free up your time for the upcoming summer fun.

The ideal temperature for painting is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. But do note that substantially greater temperature levels can trigger the paint to dry too quickly, leading to an inferior coat.


Painters hate the long and slow-paced winter season as they want to get outdoors and return to work. Hence, painting quotes are usually more competitive in the spring before painting services schedules fill up. By the end of spring, the best painters might be booked for the entire year.

Thus, the chance of hiring the best painter for your task is high if you get your quote early and get on schedule. The painter will be able to provide you all the time you request for colour consultations, in-depth preparation of your home makeover project. And even suggest the best exterior paint for cold weather like the Sherwin-Williams exterior paint temperatures best sellers.

The comfortable spring weather that isn’t too cold or too hot is the best time to paint your house exterior. It provides the ideal weather conditions for applying a fresh coat of paint to your house. Latex-based exterior paints are at their most durable when applied during mild weather. Hot weather causes paint to dry too fast, whereas cold temperatures prolong the drying process resulting in a weaker hold.

Furthermore, you will most likely get the best price this season as painters usually don’t love the winter. The benefit to you is countless as it’s the season where the best temperature to paint exterior of house. Painting quotes are usually more competitive in the early spring, right before the painting schedules fill up into a mountain.

exterior painting spring season

Take note:

Also that it’s essential to thoroughly prep the exterior of your home and replace and repair wood before any painting job is done. If the repair work is complex, it is better to fix it in the spring when it’s the best temperature to paint outside. In this way, if your home’s exterior is exposed throughout repair work. You will not be dealing with extreme exterior painting temperature and humidity. 

Moisture is always an aggravation to exterior painters. Remember that excessive humidity in the air will cause water vapour to form on your freshly painted exterior walls. Note that the ideal humidity level for painting outside is anywhere between 40-70%, just the right amount of moisture. When humidity is too high, some inevitable consequences to painting might arise. Excess humidity makes it more challenging for the paint to stick on the surface of walls and triggers the paint to bubble and eventually peel off. Such a not-so-good popping bubbles game, right? 

This is necessary to recall when painting wood, as it soaks up wetness and moisture from the surrounding air and swells. When the air is too dry, wood diminishes eventually and ends up splitting and cracking. Your paint could show indications of leaching if you live in a high humidity location, so better watch out. If you’re wondering what leaching is, it’s white or brown staining in your paint. Wetness in the air hinders the protective film layer of your paint, compromising the paint’s protective properties. That’s why if you’re still asking, “Can you paint exterior in winter?” the answer is a big NO!

Summertime brings some intense heat along with it

Something when not to paint outside as it can impose damage to your paint. It doesn’t take much time anymore for the sun’s rays to bake paint onto your walls and cause them to peel, fade, chip off or blister completely. The good news is that you can take preventive measures in the spring and utilize the best temperature to paint exterior of house. This way, you will not need to stress over your paint’s condition in the summertime and end up being disappointed. A new, fresh coat will be less prone to breaking under these harmful rays. It will also help reduce outside pollution, supply protection against heat in the summertime, and improve indoor air quality.

Lastly, you might want to think that spring is likewise the time when next-door neighbours and good friends will most likely visit and appreciate your newly painted project. Nobody can genuinely appreciate your paint job when your house is covered in snow. So although the fall season can be one of the best times to paint in terms of temperatures, you may not get the result you’re imagining. A home painting project during springtime makes your house appear fresh and new right when nature shines its brightest, making it the perfect background view to your home’s stunning curb appeal.


If you have flowers around your home, they will be planted in the spring. If you delay your decision to paint your house exterior until summer. Inevitably your flowers will get trampled by ladders and scaffolds no matter how careful you are. Furthermore, shrubs and trees are not yet in complete blossom in the late winter and early spring. Therefore, your painter gets more access, both on ladders and on the ground. To move about quickly and use quality paint in every corner of the house. Indeed, the best time to paint house exterior in Canada!

Another thing is that spring is safe for your garden as it has the right wind condition. But did you know? It is a common mistaken belief that wind is excellent for painting as regards to be better drying times, for instance, or a gentle breeze to keep you comfy. Nevertheless, although this is a great thought, wind can encompass a wide range of concerns that you should look for. Wind can blow grime and dirt into your newly painted project. Which can leave your new painted walls dirty, discoloured, rough, and unpleasant to sight. If you are using a paint spray or spray weapon, you can likewise get overspray on yourself, your garden. And especially those plants surrounding your house that you didn’t want to be painted.

Plan Ahead For Summer Time Fun

Summer is the time for vacations, BBQs and backyard patio parties. By checking your house exterior painting chores off the list in the spring, you won’t have to give up that prime summer-time weekend to tend to a paint renovation. Just think of how much you can’t wait to enjoy your lawn or deck this summertime. If you paint the exterior part of your home throughout the spring, you’ll be free to delight in your brand-new painted walls while enjoying your outdoor amenities right as summer begins. Usually, how often to paint house exterior is not a yearly project for many.

Thus, a trustworthy painting company can help bring your imagination to life and give you the best exterior house paint. Just ask if they offer free quotes or consultations on your project and get ready to enjoy your new stunning painted exterior walls!


Remember summer is generally the busiest time for house painting companies. By booking early, not only will you paint during the best weather conditions, but you’ll also have the most flexibility in booking a time that works best for you.

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