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Best time to paint your house exterior – Did you know that experts say that the best time to paint the exterior of the house is in the spring? 

Spring and Painting Your House Exterior Are a Perfect Match

You might still be recovering from the cold winter blues in Canada, but planning ahead and getting a jump on a spring paint makeover will save you work, give you a much more durable house paint job and free up your time for the upcoming summer fun.


Spring Weather is Better for Painting your House Exterior

The comfortable spring weather that isn’t too cold or too hot is the best time to paint your house exterior and provides the ideal weather conditions for applying a fresh coat of paint to your house. Latex-based exterior paints are at their most durable when applied during mild weather. Hot weather causes paint to dry too fast, whereas cold temperatures prolong the drying process resulting in a weaker hold. So the best weather to paint outside is definitely the spring time.

Spare Your Garden

If you have flowers around your home, they will be planted in the spring. If you delay your decision to paint your house exterior until summer, inevitably your flowers will get trampled by ladders and scaffolds no matter how careful you are.


Plan Ahead For Summer Time Fun

Summer is the time for vacations, BBQ and backyard patio parties. By checking your house exterior painting chores off the list in the spring, you won’t have to give up that prime summer-time weekend to tend to a paint renovation.

For Painting your House Exterior, Book Early and Pick Your Schedule

Remember summer is generally the busiest time for house painting companies. By booking early, not only will you paint during the best weather conditions, you’ll also have the most flexibility in booking a time that works best for you.


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