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Using a compressed air paint sprayer can save time and money, and it will also bypass the pollution caused by aerosol paint cans. Follow these steps to paint with compressed air!

STEP 1: Preparation

As with any paint job, you’re going to have to do a bit of preparation before you begin.

  • • Select your paint (both oil and latex will work, but oil is much more difficult to clean after the job).
  • • Prep the room for painting. See our room prep tutorial here.  The key with spraying is making sure EVERYTHING has been taped and plastic covered before painting.  Failure to do so can have a negative effect as you will be spending more time and money cleaning than actually painting.
  • • Put on a respirator mask, gloves, and safety glasses to protect yourself.
  • • Grind, sand, and clean the area of all dust, debris, etc. Rinse the wall when you are done.
  • • Using a brush or roller, apply a thin layer of primer to the wall.

STEP 2: The Compressor

Now that you’ve prepared the wall to be painted, you have to prepare the compressor to paint! Here’s how:

  • • Turn on the air compressor and let it build pressure.
  • • Using your sprayer’s instruction manual, adjust the regulator to the pressure that is needed. This number is usually between 12-25 PSI.
  • • Attach the compressor to the air hose coupling on the compressor. Make it as tight as possible, and maybe use some Teflon tape to get it even tighter.
  • • Pour some paint thinner into the paint cup.
  • • Identify the metering valve on your paint sprayer, and open it slightly.
  • • Prime the paint sprayer by aiming it at a waste bucket and squeezing the trigger for a few seconds.
  • • Empty the spray cup of any remaining paint thinner.

STEP 3: Painting

Everything is all prepped and ready to go! Next step, painting.

  • • Pour the amount of paint that you think you will need into a separate, clean container.
  • • If its oil, thin the paint with paint thinner. The exact amount depends on your sprayer and paint, but it’s usually around 20% for a good flow of paint.  For latex paint, do the same but with water.
  • • Fill the paint cup on the paint sprayer 2/3 of the way full.
  • • Hold the paint sprayer about 10 inches away from the wall.
  • • Squeeze the trigger to spray the paint. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS KEEP THE SPRAYER MOVING. This will prevent drippage.
  • • Overlap each pass slightly to avoid leaving spots.
  • • Allow to dry, and recoat as needed.

STEP 4: Clean Up

Now that you’ve painted your room, it’s time for a clean-up!

  • • Dispose of unused paint (tutorial here)
  • • Rinse the siphon tube of your paint sprayer with thinner if oil paint or water if latex paint.
  • • Fill the spray cup with a little bit of thinner (or water if latex paint), and spray until it comes out clean.
  • • Remove all masking tape, plastic, and drop cloths from your work area.

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