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Painting your house is always easier when you are prepared in advance

Before you start planning a Do-It-Yourself paint your home project, you have to collect painting tools to get the best possible result. Here is a list of some of the most important painting tools you will need to complete a Do Yourself job.


Tools for DIY:

 Painting Brushes:

There are many types of painting brushes that professional painters use to make the best possible final product. Some of the most common are Pure and Synthetic bristle and nylon brushes, softening brushes, dusting, and stencil brushes. Each brush has its own purpose and creates a different kind of result. A combination of high-quality brushes from your local hardware or paint store can help you to create the ambiance you are looking for in your home.



Painting Brush cleaners:

Using paintbrush cleaners can protect your paintbrushes from damage caused by leftover paint. You can purchase brush cleaners from your local hardware or any local paint store as well.

 Drop Cloth:

  • What is a drop cloth for? A drop cloth is intended to protect your floor and furniture from any damage caused by dripping or splashing paint during the painting process.
  • How do you store drop cloth? You can store a drop cloth along with your other painting supplies
  • What is it made of? Drop cloths are made from heavy-duty canvas so that it absorbs most paint spills and splatter


Painters Tape:

This special low-tack tape is used to protect the trim from getting paint on them as well as to keep painters’ lines nice and sharp. You can get painter’s tape from your local hardware store or paint store as well.

Paint Rollers:


Most paint stores carry a variety of paint rollers and roller covers designed to help you cover larger areas in short periods of time. Each type of paint roller has its own purpose and will produce a slightly different application effect.

Many people discover after the expenses and hassle of getting all of the paint and supplies, along with the time investment that is required to complete a DIY painting job, that hiring Professional Painters in Toronto is more convenient for their busy lives. If you need some help, our professional home painters can make a house call and help you complete your Interior Home painting or in Toronto quickly and effectively with little mess.  

With more than 30 years of experience in painting as professional painters, let our experience do the heavy lifting.

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