How To Paint Your House Exterior With A Sprayer

Painting your house exterior with a sprayer is a great way to get the job done quickly and easily. But before you start, it’s important to know what you’re doing. The last thing you want is to have your carefully-painted house ruined by a rookie mistake!

In this post, we’ll take you through the steps of painting by using a paint sprayer for your home’s exterior so that you can start feeling prepared to tackle this task yourself!

Guide To Exterior Spray Painting

Spray painting is easier than using a roller to paint, right?

Well, not always when it comes to using an airless sprayer. It will take a little patience at first but once you get the hang of it, you will find that it can be less time-consuming than using a paint roller to paint your house exterior. Because it will fill in cracks easier with one application, especially if you have a stucco exterior! So let’s learn how to properly spray paint your house exterior!

Spray Paint Your House With An Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Cardboard/Old Door
  • Dropcloth/Tarp
  • Painters Tape
  • Outdoor Airless Sprayer, attachments, and Spray Paint Equipment
  • Exterior Paint
  • Rags
  • Safety Goggles/Old clothing to wear/Face Mask

1. Tips/Procedures Before You Start Spray Painting

  • Just hook up the paint sprayer and GO! Just kidding. You’ll need to learn how to get used to it first – so try practicing on cardboard or an old door. The idea is to create an even layer of paint and know your spraying distance.
  • Don’t paint a house with a spray gun in direct sunlight because it will cause the paint to dry too fast and you’ll have an uneven paint job that will end up taking a lot longer to perfect.
  • After you practiced on cardboard or an old door, make sure you clear the area around your house of anything you can trip on and lay down a drop cloth or tarp. Tape around any windows and trims where necessary as well. Prevent clogs by stirring the paint in the can very slowly and for a good few minutes.

2. The Process of Painting With An Airless Paint Sprayer

Whether you are planning on using an airless paint sprayer for more than one project and you buy one, or if you have decided to rent one (from Home Depot Exterior Paint section or any other heavy-duty equipment rental center)– unless you’re a pro already – read on for the process of your external paint sprayer.

Solo Painter Exterior Brick Painting
  • All airless paint sprayers have a screen on the intake point so clear that if it hasn’t already been cleaned. There should be two removable filters as well, one is located near the pump and the other should be located in the handle. Also, clean those two filters before you
    begin and strain your paint through a filter/mesh-type bag to remove any clogs.
  • Turn on the paint sprayer valve to prime your surface. Afterward, switch on the pump and turn the pressure up on the valve until the pump starts. Once paint comes out of the prime tube, you move it into the paint bucket.
  • After you prime, you can fill the hose with your exterior paint and begin spraying. Lock the trigger and let go of the pressure before you install the tip guard assembly. Turn off the power, turn the prime valve to prime and angle the spray gun to a waste pail and release pressure by pulling the trigger. Then engage the trigger lock – you should have let go of the remaining pressure.

Now you can turn back the paint spray gun to the spray mode and begin painting the exterior of your house.

3. Airless Paint Sprayer Techniques

  • You should try moving the gun as if you are painting before you actually start spraying – and keeping the
    spray gun moving in continuous straight strokes. The airless sprayer will shoot the paint out quickly, so doing this first will keep the paint evenly coated and prevent dripping. You can move the outdoor paint sprayer as quickly as you would if you were using a brush.
  • Press the trigger while the external paint sprayer gun is off to the side and then move it toward the surface you are painting. Keeping the airless sprayer parallel instead of at an angle will improve the results.
  • Usually airless sprayers have a tip guard which works as safety to protect you from unwanted paint sprays. But you should wipe off the guard periodically while spraying with a rag and not your finger just in case. This will prevent clogs and a build-up of paint.


  • Sometimes you might need to back brush or back roll to get a more even coat of paint.
  • Paint a little at a time with the air gun and then go back and spray more instead of spraying a lot of paint at once – this will prevent drying unevenly and dripping excessively.
  • Always wear a mask and safety goggles!

How Long Does It Take to Paint a House Exterior with a Sprayer?

Painting with an airless paint sprayer is a much faster process than using a brush or roller. The time it takes to paint your house’s exterior with an airless paint sprayer depends on how many people are helping, how big your house is, and what type of surface you’re painting. It’s possible to paint your house’s exterior in one day with an airless paint sprayer, but it will take a lot of hard work.

If you decide to hire professional painters, they can usually complete an exterior paint job in two to three days. For larger dwellings where there are more surfaces to cover, it may take up to 7 to 10 days.

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This is a guide on the basics of how to paint your house with a paint sprayer. Read the airless paint sprayer instructions for more information for further instructions on how to operate the airless sprayer. But, if you don’t trust yourself using an airless paint sprayer and don’t have enough time for it – call Home Painters Toronto and we’ll gladly do it for you! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 or email And don’t forget to follow us on all our social channels below as well!