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Etobicoke is a city inside the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and one of the six municipalities that were merged to become Toronto. Its 365,143 residents in 2016 represented a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Since it is more heavily industrialized and has fewer residents overall, the population density is lower here than in other parts of Toronto.

The city is known for its large houses and neighbourhood streets lined with trees. Painting houses in Etobicoke is a long-standing tradition, especially in the older neighbourhoods. Residents are proud of their homes, and they take great care to maintain them. Many houses in Etobicoke have original, historic features that must be preserved. These include doors, windows, porches, and siding. Some houses also have stained-glass windows or other decorative elements that require special care when painting.

There are many things to consider when you’re looking for painting contractors in Etobicoke. You want the quality of work to be top-notch. And you also want someone who is trustworthy and reliable.

How Do I Find Local Painters?

  • There are many ways to find local painters. Here’s a list of some of the most common ways:
  • Search for them on the internet. You can use a search engine like Google or Bing, and type in your area code followed by “painters”. For example: “painting contractors in Toronto” will bring up a list of local companies that offer painting services in Toronto.
  • Ask around. Ask friends and family if they know of any good painters in your area. They might be able to recommend one or two companies. You can also talk to your neighbours about who they use for their painting projects.
  • You can also look for reviews on sites like HomeStars. This will help you find the best painting company based on its reputation.

Etobicoke House Painting Professionals

Home Painters Toronto has been rated the #1 painter in the Greater Toronto Area for 6 years in a row and 8 years total by homeowners like yourself. More specifically, the ideal combination of reliability, quality, and speed is how our clients often describe our experienced and seasoned painting crews. 

Home Painters Toronto is so confident and obsessed with quality that our work is backed with the best warranties in the industry including a ‘lifetime warranty’ on interior painting, a 3-year warranty on exterior painting services, a 15-year warranty on exterior brick staining, and a 5-year warranty on our professional kitchen cabinet spraying services. As a result, we strive to be your one-stop shop for quality, efficiency, and professionalism for all your home painting and handyman needs. 

Quite simply, our mission is to paint your dreams!

Here Are Our House Painting Services

Interior House Painting Services

Not only do we have interior painting specialists who offer free colour consultations, but our interior home painters are utterly obsessed with quality. And bringing fast results to our amazing clients in Toronto and the GTA.

Our interior house painting services include:

  1. Interior wall, trim, door and ceiling painting
  2. Condominium painting
  3. Cabinet spray painting
  4. Popcorn ceiling removal
  5. Wallpaper installation and removal
  6. Staircase painting and refinishing and drywall installation and repair

Exterior House Painting Services:

At Home Painters Toronto, we are exterior painting professionals with over 34 years of home painting services experience under our belt.

Our professional painters can help you achieve your home goals with these accomplished exterior painting services:

  1. Brick staining
  2. Brick painting
  3. Painting aluminum siding
  4. Deck staining and deck painting
  5. Fence painting and staining
  6. Exterior door refinishing and staining

Commercial Painting Services

Does your work or business environment need a serious facelift?

Home Painters Toronto is proud to offer commercial painting services that will not only enhance your office or large-scale business with amazing new interior painting colours. But our friendly and personable team of professional painters will come in quickly and cause minimal disruption to your business establishment.

Home Painters Toronto in Canada

It’s hard to find a good painter, and even harder to find one you can trust. Most people only call a painter when they need to paint their home, which is usually not until there’s a problem. This means that by the time you need help, you’re already stressed out and don’t have time for research. We also take the time to understand your needs and recommend colour combinations that will match your style and taste. Home Painters in Toronto are here to help. Plus, we’ll help you choose the perfect colour combinations for your needs. We offer Expert Painting And Remodeling Services that will make your home look beautiful and unique. Our excellent customer service means you’ll be happy with the results for years to come.

Exterior House Painting Toronto

Your home is one of your biggest investments, and you want to make sure it looks its best. Over time, the elements can take their toll on your Home’s Exterior Paint Job, making it look faded and dated. Our Exterior House Painters in Toronto can help. We offer a wide range of house painting services that will restore the beauty of your home, inside and out. From colour consultations to full-service Wall Painting in Toronto, we’ll work with you to create a paint job that you’ll love for years to come. Our Exterior Home Painters in Toronto can help. We offer exclusive painting services that will bring out the beauty of your home, no matter what condition it’s in. Plus, we have a wide range of colour combinations to choose from so you can find the perfect look for your home.

House Painting Services Near Etobicoke;


Etobicoke has a diverse and multicultural community. Every ethnic community brings its own cultural views and design ideas. This makes our job very exciting and challenging.

Our customers want to ensure that their home feels like home – Home Painters Toronto makes this happen by providing honest, reliable, and quality painting services.

Home Painters Toronto is a leading painting contractor in the city of Etobicoke. We work with you through every step of the house painting process to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the painting job we provide.

Moreover, we guarantee you painting contractors who are clean, on time, and on budget.

Painters Etobicoke

Home Painters Toronto has evolved very rapidly as the number one Painting Company in Etobicoke. We cater and act as a one stop solution for premier house painting services for your interior painting or exterior painting needs.

Furthermore, the commitment of our professional painters towards top-quality painting services makes us the best commercial painting contractor for Etobicoke painting services.


The construction industry in Etobicoke has been booming. Our Etobicoke Painters have painted many condos, apartment units and homes in Etobicoke. 

In some cases, the builder’s paint will do its job for the first year or two.  But then it is time for home improvement! Upgrading the quality of paint and choosing the colors you want makes a lot of sense.


Home Painters Toronto is the Top Rated Painting Contractor in Etobicoke!

Beyond being skilled with paintbrushes and rollers, our Etobicoke house painters are true colour experts. Part of our painting services includes a free colour consultation.

Confused about a colour?

We’ll help you find the best fit for your personality and needs so we can produce a house painting job that you will be satisfied for years to come.

Home Painters Toronto in Etobicoke does much more than simply offer a fresh coat of paint. Our professional house painters are trained to recognize and repair the minor problems that will potentially become costly.

If major problems such as window and wood trim caulking are left untreated, this can cost you thousands in the long run. Rather than simply enhance your home’s beauty, our staff will ensure a tight secure seal on your windows.

Which will only help to protect the integrity of your home’s structure for the lifetime of its existence.

Interior Painting Home Painter with brush by Home Painters Toronto

Painters Etobicoke: Our Painting Services

For interior painting projects, we aim for precision and great finishes that will look great for years. We have mastered the internal process to make it as efficient as possible and minimize the disruption to your home.

As a full service commercial and residential house painter who paints both interior and exterior in Etobicoke, our interior house painting services include but are not limited to:


Residential House Painting using eco-friendly interior house paint (low or zero VOC paint). Our painting services include everything from drywall installation and painting, decorative finishing, faux finishes, wallpaper services, wallpaper installation, kitchen cabinet painting, and cabinet refinishing, and popcorn ceiling removal.

Furthermore, we can provide an interior painting with colour matching, trim and door painting, apartment and condominium painting, commercial painting, and much more! 

Painting Contractors in Toronto

Here are the best painters in Toronto:

  1. Home Painters Toronto

  2. Royal Home Painters

  3. Picture Perfect Painters

  4. Ecopainting Inc.

  5. Encore Painting Ltd.

  6. Binaj Painting

  7. Painters Toronto – Express Paint

  8. JXF Painting Services – Painters Toronto

  9. CAM Painters

  10. The City Painters

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Have you made your decision as to what painting company you want to hire in the Etobicoke area? Home Painters Toronto has been in the painting business for over 36 years now. Our professional house painters truly know their stuff and are obsessed with quality.

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