Decorate With Green for Some of the Luck O’ the Irish

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh!

My general manager says that means ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day’ in Irish and she managed to pronounce it right, so I’ll believe her.

Although Home Painters Toronto has plenty of experience with eco-friendly paint, that’s not the type of green painting we’re talking about. It’s St. Patrick’s Day! So in honour of the Irish holiday, here are some fun ways to paint using the colour green. Green paint colours can be energizing and youthful, or they can be calming and balanced, depending on how you use it.

Why Green?

First, let’s dig deeper into why green is more than just a beautiful colour. Green is often associated with freshness, tranquillity, and good health. It’s the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, and is linked to meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. From a colour psychology perspective, green creates an equilibrium between the head and the heart.

Incorporating Green Into Your Decor

Let’s explore how to incorporate this refreshing, lively colour into your space.

Green Painted Furniture:

If you’re not sold on changing your wall colour, you can still infuse some new life into a room with painted furniture. Whether you paint an up-cycled wooden pallet coffee table or kitchen chairs, the change in furniture colour is sure to give the room a fresh look.

Green Colour In the Kitchen:

You can use green colour as an accent colour for a backsplash. Either painted tile, back-painted glass, or just a small accent wall done with a semi-gloss finish. Green paint works really well on wooden surfaces as well, so you could also decide to paint your cabinetry green.

Green Furniture
Green Kitchen

Front Door:

People always focus on painting the interiors of their homes, but why not spruce up your exterior with a bold green look? Painting your garage door or front door green will pick up the green hues in your yard and make your lawn look even greener. This look is especially nice if your home has a brick exterior, with the green acting as a bold pop against the masonry.

Just be careful while you’re painting—in Irish folklore, it’s bad luck to stand in a doorway for too long!

Painted Floor or Ceiling:

Again, if you’re against painting the walls, then either a painted floor or ceiling is great for a surprising touch in a small space. You can reflect the green colour in accent pieces throughout the room and pair them with a neutral wall colour for optimum effect. Since green is a colour that promotes creativity, this would be especially nice in a home office or study.

Green Front Door
Interior Green Ceiling

In the Bedroom:

Whether you want to relax or wake yourself up in the morning, there’s a shade of green for that. Make use of an accent wall, either plain or patterned, and add green furniture accents like a lamp or throw pillow to pull the room together. If you want even more green options, you can always colour-match a comforter or pillowcase and then paint your bed’s headboard or side table the matching colour.

Interior Green Wall Bedroom

A Palette of Greens: Choosing the Right Shade for Your Space

Diving into the world of green shades might seem daunting; especially when you learn there are over a thousand shades of green paint colours to choose from in any given paint brand’s arsenal. But fear not, we are here to break down the process and help you navigate through your choices, making you the captain of your design journey.

Bright and Vibrant Greens

If bold and energetic spaces speak to your personality, consider vibrant shades. These include:

  • Emerald Green: A radiant jewel tone that makes a stunning statement. This colour is both elegant and exotic.
  • Lime Green: An electrifying and youthful option. It may seem extreme, but when used thoughtfully, it can add a zesty touch to your space.
  • Kelly Green: Traditional yet bold. Kelly green is a true green that works well in spaces where you want to create an invigorating atmosphere.

Soft and Subtle Greens

Not everyone wants their room to shout. For a more muted, sophisticated colour profile, consider these options:

  • Sage Green: A soft, muted green with grey undertones. This tranquil hue is perfect for creating a calming ambiance.
  • Mint Green: An airy, light green that is ideal for small rooms and pairs well with other pastels for a fresh, spring-like atmosphere.
  • Olive Green: A deep, subdued shade. Olive green paint brings a natural warmth and earthiness to any space.

Dark and Moody Greens

For a mysterious, dramatic effect, these dark, rich hues may be exactly what you need:

  • Forest Green: A deep, true green that is simultaneously soothing and invigorating.
  • Teal Green: A medium to dark greenish-blue. This sophisticated colour can bring a touch of class to your space.
  • Hunter Green: A dark green shade reminiscent of natural pine. This colour exudes a sense of nature and tranquillity, even in the most urban settings.

How Much is Too Much Green?

While we are on a ‘green streak’, do remember that, like all good things, balance is key in design. A wholly green room can feel overwhelming, but thoughtfully placed green accents can inspire calm, creativity, growth, and advantages in abundance.


There you have it – a little green paint can go a long way toward refreshing your spaces. Always remember, you’re not only adding a splash of colour but also a symbol of well-being, luck, and harmony when you choose to decorate with green. So go ahead, get creative, embrace this colour of life, and who knows, you might just catch some of that Luck O’ the Irish.

Green is a very vibrant, healthy colour and there is such a range of hues, from bright lime green to a muted olive to a light mint green. At Home Painters Toronto, we have 36 years of experience in professional colour consultation. Call us for a free quote or for more tips and tricks on how you could use the colour green in your home. Call us now at 416.494.9095 or email us at if you want to renew the look of your home, from adding an accent colour to an entire home renovation project. And don’t forget to follow us on all our social channels below!