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Home Painters Toronto, is top rated painting contractor in Deer Park area

Deer Park is an upper-middle class Toronto neighborhood around the St. Clair Avenue and Yonge Street intersection. It is bounded by Kilbarry Road,  Beltline Trail and Yonge Street.  The Avenue road and Oriole Parkway bounds it to the West, and Farnham Avenue and Jackes Avenue to the South.


The area is known for having many churches, Beltline trails used for nature walks and jogging, and St. Michael’s Cemetery that dates back to 1850.

Deer Park as a mix of commercial and residential buildings with most of its residents dwelling in the apartments and condominiums. The busy Yonge Street and St Clair Avenue make up the heart business district.

Home Painters Toronto has proven themselves as the leading painting contractors in Deer Park. We are experts in painting the exteriors and interiors of all residential and commercial structures, including the apartments, condos, detached houses and much more.

We have a long list of happy and satisfied customers. Our experienced painting professionals ensure quality and uniform finishes that make you stand out in the crowd.


Professional Painting Services we offer you in Deer Park, Toronto

Business Premises painting in Deer Park

Home Painters Toronto will help you to choose the best colors for your business front and for the interior painting of commercial building and complexes. Our carpenters and other painting specialists prepare the surfaces including the wooden partitions and trims and then carefully apply quality finishes.

Our quality commercial painting services in Deer Park area for business premises will surely help retain your existing customers and attract more clients.

We schedule our work to minimize interruptions of your business and other inconveniences in addition to ensuring safety for your employees and customers. We also take care of your products and equipment so that they do not get damaged or contaminated.

Our expert services cover a wide range of exterior and interior painting of structures such as commercial and residential structures, schools, churches, art theaters etc. Our expertise in residential painting covers, apartments, detached houses, semi detached houses, condo townhouses, bungalows and heritage buildings.


Our other professional painting and renovating services in Deer Park include

  • Stain and faux finishes
  • Business premises remodeling
  • Townhouse painting
  • Apartment Painting
  • Condominium painting
  • Interior and exterior wooden trim painting
  • Kitchen cabinets refinishing,
  • Cabinets repainting and re facing
  • Bathroom painting and wallpaper installations
  • Carpentry
  • Aluminum finishes
  • Drywall installation
  • Wallpaper Removal and installation
  • Color Consultation
  • Exterior staining
  • Clean-up and trash removals.

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Deer Park:

Our coverage area in Deer Park includes all areas along Farnham Avenue, Avenue Road and Oriole Parkway. The areas next to Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Yale of Avoca and the Rosehill reservoir. Our services are also available on buildings either side of St Clair Avenue west and Yonge Street.

Our extensive experience is a result of our continuous upgrading of our skills and techniques as well as keeping abreast with the current developments in the painting industry.

This ensures that we use the quality and proven materials that guarantees you great finishes and long lasting fresh look. Our 25 years in business have also seen us establish a royal base of satisfied customers making us work very hard to safeguard our name and quality.

In fact, we have honestly earned an

A+ Better Business Bureau rating in addition to being rated as Top Deer Park Professional Painting Contractors on Homestar.com.

Whether you want to have a makeover of your business premises, improve the look of your business front or paint the exterior and interior of your house, Home painters Toronto is your best choice. Our team will ensure that you get the best paint finish within the agreed time-frame.

To speak to us and chat the way forward or for a free interior and exterior painting estimate for your Deer Park properties, please call us at 416 494 9095 or email Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com.


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