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Little Italy, College Street is a vibrant and lovely Toronto neighbourhood that is also referred to as College Street West. Its borders are Harbord Street, Bathurst Street, Dundas Street Wes and Ossington Avenue.

The Little Italy College Street is known for its Italian heritage and food. The business district stretching along College Street comprises shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses. The Italian Walk of Fame, featuring brass and granite statues of the famous Italians, is a tourist attraction.

Little Italy became popular with the Italians when many immigrants settled and bought property around College Street. Most of these Italians were road and railway construction workers and businessmen. College Street West features two-storey and three-storey buildings, which serve as shops and business premises on the ground and residential on the upper floors. Other areas comprise detached and semi-detached early-1900s homes.

How to Select the Ideal Professional Painting Services in Little Italy, ON

It’s time for a brisk journey to find your ultimate painting contractors in Little Italy. Let’s embark:

• Talk to Locals: Start your quest in your neighbourhood. People who recently painted their homes can give solid recommendations.

• Venture Online: Harness the power of the Internet. It’s your treasure trove of local home painting services in Little Italy. Carefully check the reviews for a clear picture.

• Curate a List: Select a few names that raise your eyebrows. These are your potentially perfect matches.

• Secure Quotes: Dial up your favourite home painters for a quote. Simultaneously, obtain a glimpse of what they offer.

• Gain Additional Insights: Begin your conversations. Learn more about their painting process and work personality.

Painter Painting Using Roller or Brush on Wood Exterior

Hire Wisely: Tips for Employing a Painting Service Provider in Little Italy

Equipped with potential picks, follow these cues to tick all boxes:

• Authenticate Their License and Insurance: Documents translate to peace of mind. Verifying these assures you of your painting contractor‘s credibility.

• Critique Their Past Projects: Take a peek into earlier works. It’s the most tangible proof of their artistry.

• Converse with Previous Patrons: They hold the uncensored truth. Chew over their experiences to predict yours.

• Coordinate a Convenient Timeframe: Lockdown on your dates. Make sure your house painter complies.

• Pen Down All Points: Maintain a written agreement with a clear job description. It saves potential future squabbles.

Use these fail-safe strategies, and the painting contractors in Kensington Market will transform your home into a perfect palette of beauty.

Laminate Floor Installation and Repair
Hardwood Floor Installation and Repair

Using this sure-shot strategy, select your painting contractors in Toronto without a hitch. Unleash the power of colour with the best painters in Little Italy – College Street. 

Home Painters Toronto is One of the Leading Professional Painting Contractors in Little Italy College Street

The maintenance and restoration of these old commercial/residential structures can be challenging when painting and remodelling. However, one of the best professional painting contractors, Home Painters Toronto, has successfully worked on such projects for decades.

We carefully paint all these buildings’ exteriors and interiors and ensure our finishes match the neighbourhood. Home Painters Toronto will paint, restore or remodel your shop front, business premises or home professionally and on a friendly budget.

College Street West Painting Services We Provide For You:

Painting Detached Home

Our detached home exterior painting services involve preparing all the surfaces before the painting begins. We remove all old and peeling paint and repair all defects on wood and concrete. This includes replacing rotten wood trim and filling cracks and gaps.

Home Painters Toronto professional painters will discuss and advise you on the best colour and quality paint for your home. The exterior painting is then carried out to maintain the heritage and other unique design features.

Our services are not limited to the exteriors only. In fact, we also paint home and business interiors and remodel and restore kitchens and bathrooms.

Painting The Garage Walls

Home Painters Professional Painting Services Include:

  • Renovating business premises
  • Stucco installation
  • Drywall repair
  • Drywall installation and finishing
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Painting Exterior Wood trim
  • Metallic and Aluminum Finishes
  • Home interior painting and restoration
  • Commercial building painting
  • Painting shop fronts
  • Bungalow painting
  • Semi-detached homes exterior painting
  • Cabinet re-finishing and remodeling
  • Carpentry
  • Edwardian Era house renovations and painting

Home Painters Toronto’s Area of Action in Little Italy College Street

We cover all areas within Harbord Street, Ossington, Dundas St. West, Bathurst, College, Crawford Street, Shaw Street, Grace Street and Plymouth Ave. We also cover Manning Avenue, Palmerston Avenue, Palmerston Boulevard, Euclid Avenue, Markham Street, Ulster Street, and Beatrice Street and next to Bickford Park.

Whatever your need, our professional team will complete the project with quality results within your timeline.

Home Painters Professional Painting contractor has operated for over 35 years. During this time, we have continuously upgraded our expertise and kept up to date with the industry’s recent techniques and painting products.

Home Painters Toronto professional painting services as one of the top-rated painting contractors on, in College Street West, stands out among the best. Our amicable yet professional client-customer relationship enables us to understand all our client’s requirements.

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