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Islington Village House Painting Services

Home Painters Toronto, top painting contractor in Islington Village

The Islington village is a colorful Toronto neighborhood located in Etobicoke. It is bounded by Rathbum Road to the North and the Dundas Street West to the South. The Kipling Avenue forms its eastern boundary and Islington Avenue the West.


The Island Village is also known as the “Toronto’s Village of Murals” due to its 25 mural masterpieces. The murals covering over 15000 sq ft are on several blocks of the historic shopping district on Dundas Street West. There are other attractive features such as the Mimico Creek, plenty of parkland and greenspace, the Islington Golf club, convenient transport system and various art and shopping facilities.



The village is predominantly residential and has a mix of traditional houses on large spaces, and modern condominium and apartments or townhouses and that are replacing the old structures. The old structures include colonial, English Cottage and Tudor type of houses. Others are the Cape Cod houses and ranch style bungalows. The new structures blend in well with the old houses and this can be attributed to the professional service providers and planners.

Home Painters Toronto is a leading painting contractor responsible for offering professional painting services in Islington Village. Home Painters Toronto services, covers all exterior and interior painting of all structures. So, whether you want to restore your traditional house to look fresh and attractive or have just acquired or rented a new home and want to paint your favorite colors, we are there to help you out.

Islington Village Townhomes

Islington Village Painting Services we provide for you:

Bungalow Painting


Home Painters Toronto bungalow painting in Islington Village – Our detailed bungalow painting starts with choosing the right colors that match the interior and exterior features of your home. We use the techniques and finishes that compliment classic bungalow style.

For the interior finishes, we pay attention to the woodwork which can be completed with either a natural finish, stain, or paint. Our color consultant can assist you in selecting the best color for the interior trim and woodwork.

We also have a wide range of decorative features that we can add to your bungalow interiors for a more traditional look. Available techniques include stenciling, ragging, sponging and stippling.

In addition to the painting we also renovate, remodel and repaint kitchens and bathrooms. Our services extend further to cover aspects of home improvement. Home Painters Toronto, being a fully commercial painting contractor in Islington Village offers a wide range of services covering all the exterior and interior painting of both commercial and residential buildings.

Home Painters Toronto professional Services include

  • Commercial Building interior painting
  • Bungalow house painting
  • Traditional bungalow interior painting
  • Apartment painting
  • Condo painting
  • Commercial store front
  • Painting shop interiors
  • Painting institutional buildings
  • Exterior Apartment Painting
  • Painting exterior wooden trim
  • Exterior Staining
  • Painting interior wooden trim
  • Metallic finishes
  • Bathroom painting
  • Kitchen restoration and remodeling
  • Townhomes painting
  • Bathroom remodeling and repainting
  • Exterior Painting of commercial structures ( Chiropractic offices, Dental Offices, Restaurants)
  • Interior and Exterior house Carpentry

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Islington Village


Our home painting services as a professional painting contractor cover all areas enclosed by Dundas Street West, Islington Avenue, Kipling Avenue and Rathbum Road. It also includes all homes and buildings around the Mimico Creek, Islington golf club and along the Bumhamthorpe Road.

Home Painters Toronto painting professionals have a duty to improve your living experience in Islington Village. We are always available to listen and attend to all your painting and other home improvement needs.

We have successfully assisted many Islington residents and will be delighted to add you to our happy, satisfied customers. Whether you want to paint you home interiors, install wallpaper in the bathroom, do a kitchen cabinetry refinish or paint a commercial structure, we are the right people.

Home Painters Toronto, is known for its honesty, professionalism and employing of efficient and safe techniques. We are insured with WSIB and $5 mil. liability insurance to protect you, your home and our painters.

We have accumulated an enormous wealth of experience in the 25 years that we have been in business. This has resulted in having several customers who entrust us with their painting projects and we look forward into serving you as well.

To discuss your painting requirements in Islington Village with one of our experts, please call us at 416 494 9095 or email [email protected].


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