Exterior House Painting Ideas – Enhance and recreate the beauty of your home with a freshly painted house! Your Toronto home will have tons of curb appeal and is a perfect idea for those who are considering selling in the near future! Below are some fantastic exterior house colour ideas to consider when you are looking for the most suitable Exterior house color ideas!


Tips and Painting Ideas for the Exterior of Your House

 Tip 1: What’s it Like Out?

  • Consider the weather and climateconditions in your Toronto neighborhood. If you choose a dark colour but live in a very sunny environment there is a good chance that your exterior house colour will fade faster – whereas if you choose a bright colour for your house exterior and you live in a cooler area, although uplifting to look at – this colour can also be prone to looking more dirty from the rain than bright and vibrant as intended.

Tip 2: Style of Your House Gives you Different Painting Ideas


  • Choosing exterior house paintingcolours can assist in determining which one you select when you factor in the style of your home. For example; If you have a stone pattern home you may want to choose a similar outdoor paint colour as the stone for a natural and harmonic appearance.
  • What about the landscaping and styles of your neighbour’s homes? Do you want to stand out or would you rather not have your home look out of place?
  • Your landscaping should also be an influence in the exterior paint colour that you pick. For example; if you have a beautiful green garden or a variety of colourful flowers outside of your house – whatever you have; pick a colour of paint that will bring out the best in your house and the rest of your yard! For example; if you have a yard with a white fence and some yellow flowers, picking a complimentary colour like a neutral yellow, robins egg blue or an even brighter white color for the exterior of your house would look the best.

Tip 3: Be Creative when it comes to exterior house painting!

  • The options are limitless when itcomes to finding exterior house painting colour schemes! When picking colours, you can use bold, neutral or both colour types.  Play up features outside your house and incorporate it into the paint colour ideas. You can paint your front exterior door a bold colour instead of your whole house for a more subtle pop of colour! Don’t be afraid to paint your house exterior a custom colour that you love, because this is your house and you can paint it how you want! Just try to be courteous of your neighbours.



  • Always remember that before you paint, use a primer. This will assure you that the colour in your paint can, turns out exactly the same when you apply it to the exterior of your house. You also won’t run into the problem of seeing the old colour of paint showing through.
  • Nice days outside, make the best days for painting the exterior of your house. Not too cold but not too hot.
  • Cleaning the outside of your house before you prime it will do wonders for the end result.
  • Don’t sweat the process. Worrying  about re-painting or getting that flawless painted look after you have applied the first coat of paint is pointless. When the paint dries, trust that it will look how you intend it to look – it just needs time to dry and blend in. Then you can apply the second coat of paint if necessary.

As you have read above, there are tons of exterior house colours painting ideas for what route you should take before you decide! But if you just can’t find the time to get to this, then call Home Painters Toronto and we’ll do it for you! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095 for a free house painting quote and professional painting ideas for your house.

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