Flemingdon Park Professional Painting

Flemingdon Park Professional Painting

Home Painters Toronto, is your trusted painting contractor in Flemingdon Park

Flemingdon Park is a Toronto neighborhood with a multicultural community. Its borders include the Eglinton Avenue East to the north and the Old Lawrence Avenue to the south. The Don River west branch forms the western border while the east branch of the same Don River forms the eastern border; the two branches then meet at the southwest corner of the neighborhood.


The neighborhood borrowed its name from its former mayor Robert John Fleming and the Don River to get Flemingdon. Some notable features of the neighborhood are; the parkland, a golf course, a sports field, a ravine-like park (but has no waterway) several parks and a bicycle path running up to Downtown Toronto.

The area is more residential, but there are some commercial and shopping buildings near the Don Mills road. The homes are composed of blocks of row-house apartments, high rise apartments and condominium apartments.

When your home in Flemingdon Park is in need of fresh paint or a makeover, it is time to come to Home Painters Toronto. We are a professional painting contractor with extensive knowledge and experience on the Flemingdon Park neighborhood homes and buildings.

Our expert services will revitalize your home and make it admirable, warm and lovely.  We have dealt with dozens of houses with various designs, sizes and landscapes, and have all what it takes to work on your structure.

Our superior services are available for either commercial or residential building and delivered at friendly budgets.

Flemingdon Park Painting Services we provide for you:

Indoor molding and Trim Painting


Indoor painting puts back your living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms back to life. We carefully paint the ceilings, the walls and also the moldings and trim surfaces. We pay attention to the molding and trim that brings together the rooms in your house.

We use nail punches to sink all exposed nail heads below the trim or molding surface and use spackling to fill in the holes. The joint compound and spackling are used to fill in larger gaps. Sanding is then done to smooth the filled sections and other rough spots.

Our professionals will then vacuum the surfaces and clean them using damp rags, after which they prime and then sand using fine grainsand paper. The surfaces are then wiped again with the damp rag and allowed to dry before accurately applying the primer and paint.

The careful choice of colors and precise painting of the walls and the wooden surfaces brings out the best of your house interiors that makes your home very lovely and a place to enjoy.

Apart from painting the interior walls and indoor features, we also carry out exterior wall painting as well as the exterior features such as the trims, decks, driveways and much more. In fact, since Home Painters Toronto is fully commercial painting contractor, our services are not restricted to residential customers only, but we serve institutional, industrial and commercial clients as well.

Home Painters Toronto services

  • Painting home interiors and exteriors
  • Apartment painting
  • Condo painting
  • Row-house exterior and interior painting
  • Bungalow painting
  • Row house painting
  • Shop front painting
  • Painting building exteriors
  • Office Painting
  • Metallic finishing,
  • Cabinet staining
  • Decorative finishing
  • Popcorn and Stucco ceilings
  • Faux finishes,
  • Painting Kitchen cabinet
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Painting wooden trim
  • Carpentry and repairs
  • Clean up
  • Color consultation


Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Flemingdon Park:

We provide our services to all areas along Eglinton, Avenue East, Don Valley Parkway, Don Mills Road, Don River. We also service areas along the Old Lawrence Avenue, Grenoble drive, near the Flemingdon Golf Club and around the St Dennis area.


Home Painters Toronto has over the years been at the forefront of assisting many home and commercial building owners to maintain and restore their structures in Flemingdon Park.  Having handled many projects of varying sizes and designs, we have equipped ourselves with the necessary experience to work on any painting project in Flemingdon Park.

Our highly skilled professionals under the direction of the project manager will keep you updated on the progress of the exercise and confirm that high standards are met. Our use of high quality painting materials and efficient techniques provides you with a long lasting finish that will look great for several years.

Home Painting Toronto understands that homeowners have their unique needs, we therefore tailor define our services to address all your requirements.

To have our friendly and skilled painting experts assist you in your home or business premises painting project, talk to us and we will be very glad to serve you.

Telephone 416 494 9095 or

Email [email protected]


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Brian Young - Home Painters Toronto

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Hello and welcome!

I’m both deeply honoured and flattered you are considering using our services.

Since 1987 when I was at York University simply earning my way through school, I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with thousands of amazing homeowners like yourself.

Besides the birth of my daughter, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a homeowner’s life change when we have transformed their dream home into a masterpiece. For that reason, we take our jobs very seriously and are committed to our cause.

At Home Painters our mission is to paint homeowners’ dreams, and make your painting experience last a lifetime!
I look forward to hopefully meeting you one day, as it brings me tremendous joy to make homeowner’s dreams come true.