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 Professional Painting in Junction Triangle

Home Painters Toronto, is the leading painting contractor in Junction Triangle

Junction Triangle is a mixed income neighborhood located at the west end of Toronto. It is surrounded by three railway tracks in the form of a triangle. The Canadian Pacific and National Railway mainlines form the western boundary, the CNR tracks the eastern and the CPR lines the east-west boundary.


Three main streets cut across the neighborhood and offer commercial services to the residents. The Dundas Street runs close to the southern border, Bloor Street the middle and Dupont closer to the northern boundary.

The junction Triangle used to be an industrial area with most of the factories situated south of Bloor Street and several along the railway tracks. Several residential structures were put up for the workers who were mainly the Portuguese.

Most of the factories have moved out and others closed down. Only a few are remaining and the area is undergoing revitalization. Most of the factories have been converted into lofts residential and shopping buildings.


The homes consist of older Victorian style 2- and 3-storey houses, and modern condominium loft and townhouse buildings. The neighborhood is experiencing a building boom and the older homes are also getting facelifts that make their colorful exteriors to look great. Home Painters Toronto is the main and experienced painting contractor relied upon by the home owners whenever they are implementing their painting and beautification projects.

We are a reliable professional painting contractor offering high standard painting and home improvement services in Junction Triangle. Whether you have an older home, a new building or a commercial space, we will serve you with our high quality and unmatched services.

Triangle Junction Painting Services we provide for you:

Exterior painting of your home

Our exterior painting services bring out the best of all the architectural features of your home. We pay attention to the landscape, the masonry, roof, windows, wood trim, deck and other exteriors when deciding on the appropriate color scheme. Our skilled staff will then clean all the surfaces including those that will not be painted so that your home and compound will look great when the project is completed.

Home Painters Toronto will also advise you on all required repairs and parts replacements. After the repairs and prep, we will then use the high quality, environmentally friendly and weather resistant paints. This will be applied with precision to provide you with a first class paint finish that will blend in well with the compound and neighborhood.

Our expert services, which also cover interiors, will also be provided to you. In fact, we do more than painting homes. Home Painters Toronto is a full service painting contractor offering services that cover all types of building and clients covering industrial, shopping, commercial, institutes and residential.

Home Painters Toronto Professional Painting Services

  • Painting home interior and exterior
  • Painting Commercial structures
  • Painting Institutions
  • Semi Detached home interior painting
  • Brick wall painting,
  • Apartment blocks painting
  • Painting apartment interior
  • Fence Staining
  • Exterior and interior trim painting
  • Wood repair and carpentry,
  • Windows and Doors caulking
  • Staining Staircase
  • Painting Staircase
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Stucco Repair and Painting
  • Painting Pool Basin
  • Kitchen Cabinets Staining
  • Kitchen Cabinet remodelling
  • Interior Decorating
  • Color Consultancy

 Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in the Junction Park

Our professional painting Services are available along Dundas street, Cariboo Avenue, Dupont Street, Osler Street, Bloor Street, Railpath, Sterling Road and around the Junction Gardens. We also service all buildings along the Canadian Pacific and National Railway lines that enclose the neighbourhood.


Home Painters Toronto is a painting contractor you can trust when looking for a reliable service provider for your home makeover or painting project. Our highly skilled employees and efficient techniques use quality tools and products so as to provide you with the best painting finish for your home.

We have successfully completed several painting projects for a wide range of customers ranging from simple office painting, homes and apartment blocks. Our good reputation in the Junction Triangle is due to our high quality workmanship and honest services.

Our main aim is to provide you with a first class professional painting service that addresses all your needs and transforms your home in addition to increasing its value. Our competitive rates and ability to deliver at the agreed time are some of the added advantages of engaging us.

Whether you intend to paint your house interiors, exteriors or a commercial structure, we have all the expertise and ability to carry out the project to the highest standard possible.

To discuss on how we will assist you in giving your home a facelift, call us at 416 494 9095, or send an email to [email protected].


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