Denlow Professional Painting

Denlow Professional Painting

Home Painters Toronto, is your top painting contractor in Denlow

Denlow is a residential area within the Windfields neighbourhood located in York Mills Toronto. The area stretches from Wilket Creek to Leslie Street and between the York Mills Road and Lawrence Avenue.


The Denlow neighbourhood was developed in two phases, one in the 1920s and 1930s and the other from the 1950s to the early 70s. The name Denlow was borrowed from the Denlow Public School, one of the best performing schools in Ontario.

The neighbourhood is a beautiful area with tree lined streets and several free green spaces, including the Windgfields Park, Edward Gardens, Longwood Park and Ames Park. The Edwards Gardens is one of the most beautiful public parks in Canada and is a popular venue for wedding photos.

The Banbury Community center has various arts, dance and sports programs for adults and children. Ease of transport and close proximity to shopping districts and malls are other features that have elevated the affluent neighbourhood.
The homes consist of bungalows, two-storey houses, Georgian, Tudor and Cottage style homes, and luxury custom built homes on large lots. And there is a good mix of modern and mid century structures. Home Painters Toronto is one of the main painting contractors who have been assisting most of the Denlow homeowners to revamp and increase the value of their homes.

Home Painters Toronto is a respected professional painting contractor with extensive experience on a wide range of designs, sizes and cultures. Whether you have a heritage building, a storey building or a custom built home, we have all the necessary manpower and expertise to deliver high quality services that addresses your home’s needs. Our services cover all exterior and interior painting, repairs, renovations and much more.

Denlow Painting Services we provide for you:

Painting exteriors of storey house


Our experts have the expertise to work on any exterior painting however tall it may be. We have the expertise, tools and ladders to work on any wall at any height. We do this while observing the highest safety standards for our staff, the customer and their property.

In our preparation, we clean all the surfaces and remove old paint, caulk the windows, doors and other wooden parts as we carry out other repairs. Cracks in the concrete are filled up with the right ratio of cement and sand mix. We also carry out repairs of the cracks at the roof edges. Cracks and rust on the external drainage pipes are also checked for and repaired as required.

After all repairs and cleaning, we wait for the walls to completely dry before applying the primer and the high quality all weather paint. After the first coat, we give it time to dry before applying the second and final coat. This ensures that we provide your house exteriors with a very high standard finish that remains fresh and beautiful for several years.

In addition to the exteriors, Home Painters Toronto can also carry out your home’s interior painting. Our other services cover all aspects of home improvement including, driveway painting, deck staining, kitchen renovations, remodelling and other services

Home Painters Toronto Services

  • Commercial Painting
  • Bungalow house painting
  • Detached homes painting
  • Bungalow painting
  • Apartment painting
  • Condo painting
  • Town House painting
  • Painting Custom built homes
  • Painting shop interiors
  • Exterior Apartment Painting.
  • Painting  wood trim
  • Kitchen remodelling
  • Exterior Staining
  • Kitchen restoration
  • Metallic finishes
  • Bathroom painting
  • Bathroom restoration.
  • Carpentry
  • Color consultation

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in Denlow:


Our services are available in the whole of Denlow and covers, Wilket Creek, Leslie Street, York Mills Road, Lawrence Avenue, Denlow Blvd, and Bayview Avenue. We also serve areas near the Denlow Public School, near York Mills Collegiate Institute, Ecole Etienne Brule, near the Crescent School, Leslie Street, Banbury road, near the Windfields Park, Longwood Park and Ames Parks.


Home Painters Toronto services are tailored to suit any customer, irrespective of the home size and design. Our skilled professionals keep on updating their skills to learn about new techniques and products in the industry.



We are also very serious when it comes to the safety of our customers and staff and always ensure that the working environment is safe for all. In addition to taking precautions and observing the industry standard safety measures, we are fully insured and have the liability and workers compensation insurance policies.

Our excellent and reliable services are rated very highly by both customers and industry experts. We are the proud owners of the A+ Better Business Bureau rating as well as the Top Painting Contractor rating at the renowned homestar.com.

Having and maintaining such high ratings are our drivers and this gives us the energy to work harder and better so as to assist the homeowners realize their dreams.

Home Painters Toronto will be very happy to serve you in your next beautification or makeover project in Denlow. To help you take the next step, please call us at 416 494 9095 or email [email protected]

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Brian Young - Home Painters Toronto

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Hello and welcome!

I’m both deeply honoured and flattered you are considering using our services.

Since 1987 when I was at York University simply earning my way through school, I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with thousands of amazing homeowners like yourself.

Besides the birth of my daughter, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a homeowner’s life change when we have transformed their dream home into a masterpiece. For that reason, we take our jobs very seriously and are committed to our cause.

At Home Painters our mission is to paint homeowners’ dreams, and make your painting experience last a lifetime!
I look forward to hopefully meeting you one day, as it brings me tremendous joy to make homeowner’s dreams come true.