Deciding on Focal Points For The Exterior Of Your House For Curb Appeal

Deciding on Focal Points For The Exterior Of Your House For Curb Appeal

First impressions mean everything. Now that summer is here, plants are grown up, bushes spread out and weeds take over! Keep the exterior of your house looking neat, because after all you want that great first impression – especially if you are selling your home! Read on for some curb appeal ideas and learn how to enhance the curb appeal of your house!


1. Decide on Focal Points

It can be hard to see the flaws in our yard and we don’t necessarily think anything is wrong until someone points out that bent eaves trough or that old mailbox post that is practically rotted out. Don’t forget to evaluate the back and side of your yard not only the front. Here are some good questions you should ask yourself to determine the best spot for emphasizing your curb appeal:


  • Is your lawn well kept and free of any lingering garbage?
  •  How tidy are your trees and bushes, and are they surrounding your lot?
  • What do you like the best about the exterior features on your home? Do you have beautiful siding or huge bay windows?
  • What do you like the least about your lot? Do you have anything that looks like it may be falling apart on your house? Are you tired of looking at the old wooden trim around your windows?
  •  What does your driveway and/or path look like?

2. Work With What You Have

You don’t need to completely remodel your home and replace your entire roof and driveway or something drastic. You can easily fix up and enhance the focal points of your house with a little cleaning and restructuring.

  • Always keep your lawn trimmed. It is common courtesy to your fellow neighbours and it keeps your property looking neat. Sometimes all it takes is regular lawn trims to have a great looking front yard and focus the curb appeal on the size of your lot – it can definitely be a deal breaker so keep that in mind!
  • Trim your bushes and shrubs. Perhaps, a good idea would be to have them creatively shaped into symmetrical designs along your property line. This is a very good focal point for curb appeal and requires minimal effort if you keep it maintained.
  • Is the siding of your home a stone accent, or beautiful wood? Maybe it’s dirty or could be in need of a good tune up. Stain, paint or clean whatever you may need too, just do it. This will focus the attention on the already existing intricate design unique only to your home – so play this up and you’ll maximize your curb appeal potential!
  • Old window trim looking kind of  curb-appeal
    dull? Hate looking at it day in and day out? Well chances are, so are your neighbours. Get on this one pronto! A little stain and/or paint can go a long way and greatly improve the curb appeal focal point on your home. Gutters falling down or obviously dented? Replace if necessary, or just tie them back up tactfully. Chances are people won’t notice a little zip tie when glancing at your well placed and put together home!
  • Do you have a large or long driveway or path? Is it all cracked and needs repair? You can choose to focus the curb appeal on your driveway if it is the best feature of your property. Have it repaved, or painted – it will be worth the money!

Most of the times, you can place plant potters, nice trees or even some non-coloured Christmas lights to play up the focal points for the exterior of your house. So when you are deciding on focal points for the exterior of your house for curb appeal – you have tons of options to start with. Some are a little pricier than others, but these tend to maximize your curb appeal so depending on whether you plan to sell, it may be worth investing in! But if you just can’t find the time for all this planning – give HPT a call! Call us NOW at 416-494-9095…… For more handy tips, check out the blog ___________.

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