Useful Tips For Painting Metal Exterior Trim

Useful tips for painting metal exterior trim by home painters toronto

Tips For Painting Metal Exterior Trim

Sometimes it’s the small things and final little touches that really make a difference on your home’s exterior. We all want our exterior painting to look nice and make a good impression on the neighbors. That even comes down to the trim! If you have metal exterior trim and you’re looking for some good tips on how to paint it, keep reading!

Materials Needed To Paint your Outside Window Trim:

  • Quality Painters Tape
  • Pressure Washer
  • Rags
  • Bucket of Soap and Water
  • Wood Wedge
  • Pry Bar
  • Wood Putty
  • Caulking
  • Pliers
  • Drop Cloth/Tarp/Cardboard
  • Galvanized Metal Etching Primer
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic Latex Paint
  • Pot or Bucket/Can (can hold about 2 Gallons)
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Water
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Step 1: Prepare the Metal Exterior Trim First

Similar to humans, your trim is likely to need a good scrubbing before showing up to the party! This prep work is vital before you even get near the paint. You want to be rid of all that built up dirt and grime that’s collected over the years.

  • Start by cleaning the windows trim and/or removing the metal trim by using a pressure washer or a good old fashioned scrub down using a rag and some soap and water.
  • Apply painter’s tape around the adjoining areas that you do not wish to get paint on.
Step #1 The metal exterior trim first
Step #2 Remove exterior metal trim

Step 2: Remove Exterior Metal Trim

  • If you need to remove the exterior trim you can do so by using a wood wedge and place it so that it rests against the wall behind the trim so you can have leverage when you use the pry bar. Use a thin pry bar and pry the window or door trim away from the surface it is attached too. You’ll pry through the old nails and this will make the new holes in the trim larger so keep that in mind when reattaching it. Carefully lift and shift it so that the pry bar is flat and not going to damage the metal trim.
  • Use pliers where necessary. And make sure you clean and fix any left over surface imperfections where the metal windows trim once was with a wood putty or caulking.

Step 3:  Prime/Paint the Metal Windows Trim

How to Paint Exterior Trim?

  • Once you have removed the exterior door or windows metal trim carefully, lay the metal exterior trim out on a tarp or cardboard so that you can paint on top of it and not worry about making a mess.
  • Use the galvanized etching metal primer and apply a coat of it to the exterior metal trim or exterior metal railings . Allow to dry and apply a second coat of paint to the trim to rid of visible brush marks. Allow this to dry as well.
  • Here is where it get’s a little unusual, if you try mixing the acrylic latex paint in a can with water using a wooden dip stick you’ll get a much better after result on your exterior metal trim painting! Allow to dry.
  • Reattach the windows metal trim using a hammer and larger nails than previously used (because this will assure a tighter seal) and then VOILA! You have a perfectly polished and a lasting outdoor paint job on your exterior metal trim.
  • A few more hints by a Toronto painting contractor:
    • You always need to use an etching primer when painting exterior metal trim or else the paint over top the  trim will be pointless as it will chip away – quickly.
    • The measurement/volume to use when mixing the diluted paint solution is about 1 gallon of the acrylic paint and 1 oz water.
Step 3 : Prime/Paint the metal window trim, Can you paint window frames inside?, Exterior window trim, Exterior window paint

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How to pick the right exterior painting colours

If you want a subtle and cohesive message for your home’s exterior, you’ll want to choose a trim shade that’s a few shades lighter or darker than your main colour. For example, if you’re going with a light cream, like Calming Cream, for your main exterior painting colour, go with a tan for your trim and accents.

If you want something a bit more bold, you can think about creating a nice contrast. For example, you really can’t go wrong with a cream or white house with black trim. It’s classic and timeless!

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