Can You Paint your Aluminium or Vinyl Trims?

If you are an interior/exterior design nerd like myself, you may ask yourself questions like “Can I paint aluminum or vinyl trims?”. However, this question is not asked enough within the industry, so good on you! There is a lot of confusion and hesitance when homeowners gauge this topic. Do not fret; if you are in this situation currently, you’ll be surprised that the answer is YES.

Can You Paint your Aluminium or Vinyl Trims

Steps to Take Before Painting Vinyl Trims:

Vinyl trim, when first applied, gives homeowners the notion of longevity and durability. Generally speaking, it is not usually painted when first installed. However, these trims go through a lot, and the painting world has yet to create a trim type that will protect itself from all conditions. It is essential that you have the right materials and tools before you begin any painting. These include:

  • 1. Painter’s tape


  • 2. Latex Primer


  • 3. Latex Paint


  • 4. Ladder


  • 5. Paintbrush


  • 6. Sandpaper
Materials needed to paint vinyl or aluminum trims

Now that you have the necessary materials needed to start this job, before the actually paint job, there is a lot one needs to do.

  • • Prep the area extensively.


  • • Remove any dirt or debris that has built up.


  • • Use a top-of-the-line primer to ensure longevity before painting. Extreme Bond Primer from Sherwin Williams is the best primer to provide the best results.

How to Paint Vinyl Trims:

Now comes the fun part. Painting Vinyl trims requires meticulous attention to detail; these smaller surfaces leave less room for error. If you are not confident of doing the job yourself, always look for a contractor who will get the job done with a professional touch. But if you are self-assured with your painting abilities, all the more power to you. The process to paint vinyl trim include:

Professional House painter working on exterior of house, how to paint aluminum or vinyl trims
  • Apply painters tape to seal off the areas that do not need painting.


  • • Brush a thin coat of the chosen primer.


  • • Allow the primer to dry thoroughly.


  • • Begin painting the vinyl trim. Use even strokes of a thin first coat, and make sure not to forget about the edges!


  • • Wait for the first coat to dry up completely.


  • • Apply as many coats as necessary, ensuring a polished and absolute job.

Vinyl trims are susceptible to waning over time, so if you notice this, you can apply a new coat of paint to add more freshness to your trims!

It is best to avoid using just one thick coat of paint on vinyl trims. Instead, opt for multiple thinner coats, as you can go back to any blemishes or spots you may have missed. If you are unsure of which paint to use for your vinyl trims, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have a vast selection of quality trim paints that you cannot go wrong with.

Steps to Take Before Painting Aluminum Trims:

Now, this type of trim is a bit more tricker. Aluminum trims are standard for older homes and have recently been trending down within interior/exterior design. However, as promised, you can still paint aluminum trim. The process is very similar to painting vinyl trims. First, the tools you will need include:

  • • Painter’s tape


  • • Water bucket


  • • Latex paint
  • • Latex primer


  • • Cloths


  • • Paintbrush

Now that you have all the needed materials, the process starts with:

  • • Cleaning the aluminum trims with a brush and warm soapy water.


  • • Use a clean cloth to wipe down the surface, getting rid of any residue.


  • Prep the area, remove any clutter, apply painter’s tape between the trim to guarantee honed paint lines.


  • Prime the trim with one coat and allow it to dry before painting
House Painter doing prep or preparation before painting and popcorn ceiling removal

Multi-Purpose Latex Primer by Benjamin Moore is an excellent choice when deciding on which primer to use. It bonds with pretty much any surface, so it is also the safest choice.

How to Paint Aluminum Trims:

You are now ready for the main event. Like painting vinyl trims, aluminum requires a significant amount of experience and skill to do the job successfully. But hey, if you are also doing this on a whim, and do not care about having perfect trims, then I guess you can read along as well!

Exterior window painting painters working on ladders home painters toronto painting aluminum or vinyl trims
  • • Confirm that the paint you are using is appropriate for aluminum surfaces.


  • • Brush the paint along with the aluminum trim, using extended and even strokes each time.


  • • Allow the paint to dry.


  • • Apply the second coat only if it is needed.

Silver-Brite® Aluminum Paint by Sherwin Williams guarantees lasting results and will leave your trims looking fresh for years to come. Remember, you want quality paint and primer, which is the essential factor for both vinyl and aluminum trims.

Things to Avoid When Painting Vinyl or Aluminum Trims:

There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you begin painting vinyl or aluminum trims. Firstly, if you do not do the right amount of research, you will most likely miss vital steps essential for a proper paint job. This is why you are here. You have come to the right place and are almost ready to tackle this task. Some other things to avoid include:

  • • Uneven strokes of paint.


  • • Not waiting for the paint or primer to dry.


  • • Applying one oversized coat of paint rather than several thinner ones.


  • • Choosing a cheaper paint or primer that does not adhere to vinyl or aluminum trims.

There is plenty that can go wrong when painting vinyl or aluminum trims. But now, after reading this post, you hopefully have new insight and knowledge on where to start. Remember, you can always hire a contractor if you are unsure how it will turn out by doing it yourself.

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