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Henry Farm Painting Contractors

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Henry farm is a family-oriented neighbourhood located in the North York district of Toronto. It is bordered by Sheppard Avenue East, Highway 401, Don River and Don Mills Road.

The neighbourhood borrows its name from the Henry Mulholland family who owned the land in 1806 and then sold it. The land was later bought back by Henry’s grandson, who sold it to a developer in 1958.

The Fairview Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping centers in Toronto and offers the Henry Farm community several shopping and recreational options. There is a variety of good public schools, and churches in addition to the recreation facilities at the Fairview public library. The East Don Valley parkland trail runs through the Moatfield Farm Park and Havenbook Park.

Henry Farm homes comprise Tudor style, Georgian Revival style, split-level houses, bungalows, condominium townhouse complexes and high-rise apartments.

Home Painters Toronto, Established Professional Painting Contractors in Henry Farm

When you want to hire fast & affordable painting services for your home painting project, it is important to hire an experienced and professional painting contractor. Home Painters Toronto has been providing professional residential painting and commercial painting services in Henry Farm for over 35 years. Our company has established a reputation for excellence among homeowners by providing them with high-quality workmanship at reasonable prices.

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We, at Home Painters Toronto, are one of the top painting contractors in Henry Farm who have been entrusted with carrying out various home improvement projects. Our background and expertise in the painting industry include transforming thousands of homes and businesses.

We pride ourselves in providing the best professional painting services to the Henry Farm community and other neighbourhoods in the city of Toronto. Our team of highly experienced painting experts is capable of handling all types of buildings, from small homes and offices to office blocks and high-rise apartments.

Henry Farm Painting Services We Provide For You:

Home Exterior Painting

Our professional painting services ensure that your home’s exterior appearance is greatly improved by our careful selection and matching of colours.

Our site survey includes a thorough analysis of the different parts of your home’s exterior. This helps us to decide on the best colour combination. We will then give you a report on the status of all the surfaces and repairs required.

The project starts with the preparation such as the washing of the walls and sidings and killing of the mildew and mould on the house, driveway, roof and sidewalks. After cleaning the repairs are completed and then the priming is applied.

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Low to 0 VOC environmentally friendly paint is then applied accurately to each section using our advanced painting techniques and sequences. This is done in a way to refresh your house exteriors and make your home appealing from the street. Our expert selection of colours makes your house blend in with the landscape and neighbourhood.

In addition to the exterior painting, we have several other building improvement services. Such as interior painting, renovations, restorations and much more. Our services cover a wide category of buildings that include commercial and residential painting.

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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a 2000 Square Feet House?

The cost to paint a 2000 square feet house will vary from one company to another, but most Henry Farm Painters charge between $2.25 to $4 CAD plus HST per square foot for exterior house painting. This includes labour as well as materials.

The typical cost to have your home’s exterior painted is between $3,000 and $7,000 CAD including HST.

Homes between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet in size are included in this price range.

How Do You Calculate the Cost of Painting Your House?

Multiplying the perimeter by the height of the roof will give you an estimate of the size of your house from the outside.

To determine the area of outside walls, you will need to know the perimeter of your house or the whole length of its exterior walls. Porches and other “appendages” are not included.

Calculate the height of a building by multiplying its perimeter by the height of its roofline. Generally speaking, the amount of vertical space taken up by a house’s gables can be estimated by adding half a story’s worth of height to the roof’s overall height.

House stories are typically 9 feet in height (2.7 m). Include an extra 4.5 feet for any gables (1.4 m).

The total square footage of a two-story, 24-by-35-foot home is calculated as follows: (24 + 24 + 35 + 35) x (9 + 9 + 4.5) = 118 x 22.5 = 2,655.

So, if your home’s average cost per square foot is $4, then you can expect to pay around $10,620 for it.

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how much does it cost to paint a 2,000 sq ft house exterior
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Home Painters Toronto Services

  • • Painting exteriors and exteriors
  • • Painting Condos
  • • Bungalow painting
  • • Painting Split-level houses
  • • Business premises painting
  • • Detached and semi-detached home painting
  • • Shop painting
  • • Painting Townhouses
  • • Painting industrial buildings
  • • Institutional buildings painting
  • • Wood trim painting
  • • Cabinet remodelling 
  • • Aluminum and Metallic finishes
  • • Popcorn and Stucco ceilings
  • • Faux finishes
  • • Painting doors and windows
  • • Stairways staining
  • • Colour Consultation
  • • Remodelling and renovations

Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in the Henry Farm

Our professional painting in Henry Farm covers all homes and business premises. Along Sheppard Avenue, Don Mills, Manorpark Crescent, Evindale Crescent, Deepglade Crescent, Silkwood crescent and east branch of Don River. We also serve all areas near Havenbrook Park. Along Shaughnessy Blvd, Fairview Mall Drivedrive, Partfield Drive, Skyview Crescent, Havenbrook Blvd, Farmview Blvd and George Henry Boulevard.

Home Painters in Henry Farm

We understand the impact a beautiful home will have on you and your family. Our professional painting services ensure that we not only make your home look great but also increase its life and market value.

Moreover, we have developed efficient techniques that enable us to deliver first-class paint finishes on a friendly budget. And within desired timelines with minimal inconveniences to you and your family.

Aside from this, we have very honest employees who are all bonded and have passed a criminal background check. In addition, we ensure that we safeguard your family and property throughout the project period.

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Home Painters Toronto has been in the professional painting business for over 35 years. During this time, we have serviced all types of clients including very happy customers in Henry Farm.

We would be honoured to offer you our first-class services to make your dream home a reality. Please contact our friendly team at 416 494 9095 or email Brian@HomePaintersToronto.com. And don’t forget to follow us on all our social channels below as well! 

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