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Types of House Flooring

When re-flooring in your home, there are so many options making it hard to make that final decision! While searching for a new floor replacement in your home, you’ll need to consider the benefits of each type for specific rooms. With house flooring materials that include laminate, hardwood, pre-finished hardwood and even engineered hardwood floors there is no doubt that you’ll need to put your best thinking cap on when learning more about the types of house flooring!

Types of flooring

With all of these options, how can you narrow down your search?

You need to factor where you will be placing the floor since the material is highly dependent on which room you want to lay it down in. I’ll narrow it down for you and present the options that are usually the floor(s) of choice for most home owners:

1. Laminate

2. Hardwood 

3. Engineered Hardwood

4. Pre-finished Hardwood

5. Ceramic Tile

6. Vinyl

7. Cork 


Look at all of these options! Hopefully all of these listed types of house flooring will give you some inspiration and help you make your final decision. From eco-friendly flooring to heavily engineered flooring – at least you know which style might fit better for the different rooms in your house. If all of these options are simply too overwhelming and you’d like some help, give HPT a call!

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