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Home Painters Toronto is a leading professional Painting Contractor in Midtown Toronto

Midtown Toronto is a prosperous neighborhood situated in Old Toronto. The neighborhood boundaries include Lawrence Avenue, Bloor Street, Bayview Avenue, Ossington Avenue, Oakwood Avenue and Marlee Avenue.

It stretches along Yonge Street, between Uptown and Downtown Toronto. The St.Clair, Summerhill, Eglinton and Davisville neighborhoods are all located within this area. The Yonge and Elington neighborhoods at the center feature several shopping complexes, high rise office blocks, restaurants, cinemas and numerous retail facilities.

Buildings in the neighborhood are of mixed use and comprised of mainly commercial and residential structures. Its successful businesses, atmosphere and convenient location are attractions for most of the residents and businesspeople. The influx of young professionals and families over the past decade has led to a surge in residential and commercial developments.

Home Painters Toronto is your contractor of choice when it comes to giving your home or business a renovation or makeover. We are one of the leading and most experienced professional painting contractors in Midtown Toronto and other Toronto neighbourhoods.

We are familiar with the designs, surfaces and sizes of the various building structures in the neighborhood. This gives us an edge when it comes to deciding the best products and techniques to use. Our experienced and highly trained painting experts enable us to provide our commercial and residential clients with the best and durable paint finishes.

Midtown Toronto Painting Services we provide for you:

Business Premises Painting Services

One of our professionals takes care not to get paint on the duct above him.

We can assist you by giving your business the facelift it deserves in order to attract more customers. Our site survey takes note of all the features that would enhance the appearance of your office such as the hallways, floor space and other common areas of the building. Our color consultants will then choose the appropriate colors that brighten and refresh your business premises.

We will then follow our sequence of steps, starting with the preparation, priming and finally the application of the highest quality paint. This allows us to give your space a completely refreshing and great look. This will in turn provide an attractive atmosphere for your employees and will help you retain existing customers while attracting new ones.

Home Painters Toronto professionals will respect your space, business, employees and customers. We always ensure that we cause little to no interruption to your business operations. With our flexible schedules some of the projects are done during the night or weekends in order to minimize on the downtime.

Home Painters Toronto is your one stop shop for all your interior and exterior home painting needs, home renovations, restorations and remodeling and other home improvement projects. We cover all commercial, office blocks and residential structures.

Home Painters Toronto Services


  • Full Exterior and Interior painting
  • Old buildings restorations
  • Refurbishing buildings
  • Apartment painting
  • Painting commercial buildings
  • Condominium/Residential building painting
  • Institutional complex painting
  • Restaurant and cafe renovation
  • Kitchen Cabinet Staining
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Painting wood trim
  • Business Space and Office painting
  • Design coordination
  • Faux finishes
  • Masonry and carpentry repairs
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Vinyl Wall installation
  • Drywall replacement and repairs
  • Deck staining
  • Paint color matching and consulting

 Home Painters Toronto’s Area of Action in Midtown Toronto:

This painter makes sure to keep the glass parts of this door completely paint-free.

The areas we serve in Midtown Toronto cover all the neighborhoods on and around St.Clair, Davisville, Eglinton and Summerhill. We also cover all areas near Lawrence Avenue, Bloor Street, Bayview Avenue, Ossington Avenue, Oakwood Avenue, Marlee Avenue and Yonge Street.

Our careful selection of colours, use of state of the art tools and proven efficient painting methods enable us to meet our customers’ expectations. Our wide range of services are suitable for homes and all types of businesses, including factories, hospitals, restaurants, shops, small and big office complexes.

With over 25 years of experience we have perfected the art of painting and successfully provided our expert services to thousands of homes in Toronto neighborhoods.

We would be glad to show you the numerous ways of transforming and giving your residential or commercial space a facelift. To discuss any of your painting projects with our friendly professionals, call us at 416 494 9095 or send an email to [email protected]

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At Home Painters our mission is to paint homeowners’ dreams, and make your painting experience last a lifetime!
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