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The Pocket is located in the Blake-Jones area and is part of the larger Riverdale neighbourhood in Toronto. It is encompassed by Jones Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, Danforth Avenue, and the Canadian National Railway tracks. The neighbourhood’s name was coined due to its shape and accessibility. It can only be accessed via Jones Avenue on its Western side. Otherwise, all the other sides are closed.

The Pocket is a quiet, clean, and safe neighbourhood. Its tree-lined streets and well-maintained homes add to the neighbourhood’s uniqueness. A majority of the residents started off as single professionals who ended up staying to raise their young families.

Homes in The Pocket consist mainly of detached, semi-detached, and one-and-a-half and two-storey houses. The homes are mostly well-maintained while others have undergone renovations, property restoration, remodelling, or have been completely replaced. To keep up with the neighbourhood’s overall cleanliness these buildings require expert maintenance and painting services. These services can offer a modern and fresh look while still maintaining the architectural charm classic to homes in the region.

Exterior Painting Brick Painting Charcoal Grey Home with Brick And Aluminum Siding


Among the few painting contractors capable of delivering such quality service is Home Painters Toronto. We have knowledge of how to deal with all types of house designs. Ranging from century-old heritage buildings to more modern custom-built homes. Our painting, renovation, and restoration services cover the exterior and interior painting of homes and business structures in the area.

Having completed dozens of successful projects for residents living in The Pocket, we are confident that we can handle any painting-related project these homes require. Our painting professionals will make your home stand out while still blending in with the rest of this unique neighbourhood.

Restoration and House Painting Services We Provide For You:

Exterior Painting in Toronto

Our high-standard painting services ensure that we breathe new life into your home’s exterior walls.  The process starts with a survey to identify the various types of finishes and to see if there is any broken wood, cracked concrete, or other defects that may require repairing. Our colour consultants will work with you in determining the best colour theme for the different sections.

Once that has been completed we clean the surfaces using a power washer. We may add bleach to remove algae, mould, mildew, oils, and grease from the walls. Loose paint is also removed and the surfaces are smoothened using sandpaper.

Exterior Vinyl Siding By Home Painters Toronto
Exterior Brick Painting Stucco Painting

Defects revealed by the cleaning are repaired by our masons and carpenters. This is followed by the priming and professional painting of the various parts of your home exterior.

The state-of-the-state tools and precision application of the highest quality paints result in an attractive and fresh-looking exterior. The finish will cause your home to appreciate in market value in addition to offering protection against extreme weather effects.

Our capacity and expertise allow us to handle all home improvement as well as commercial painting services. Our professional painting covers both exteriors and interiors of all types of structures ranging from office blocks to industrial structures.

Exterior House Painting Cost

Without seeing your home, it’s difficult to give an accurate estimate. But there are a few variables that could affect the final cost. Stucco, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, or brick can all affect the cost, as can the size of your home’s exterior.

If you wish to paint your home yourself, you will need to invest money in supplies and paint. As well as consider the time commitment required. Particularly if you’ve never painted the outside of your house before and have no practical experience. It’s strongly advised that you hire a professional. Not only will you have a much higher quality paint job. But you will also avoid the hassle of doing it yourself.

The best way to estimate the cost of exterior painting is to provide a free estimate. Exterior painting at Home Painters Toronto starts at $1,495 + HST and can cost up to $10,000 + HST depending on the size of your home. We charge between $2.25 and $4 per square foot, plus HST. The average cost, according to home size, is:

• 800-1200 Sq. Ft- $2,000-3,000 +HST

• 1200-2500 Sq. Ft- $3,000-$7,000 +HST

• 2500-3500 Sq. Ft- $5,000-&10,000 +HST

The Cost Of Painting The Exterior Of A House
Average Exterior House Painting Costs
Exterior Carpentry Handyman
Handyman Drywall Repair And Wall Painting

Home Painters Toronto Services:

• Home Interior and Exterior Painting

• Apartment Painting

• Bungalow Painting

•Home Refurbishing

• Buildings Restorations

• Flood Restoration Services

• Condominium Painting

• Commercial Painting

• Restaurant Painting

• Cabinet Staining

• Deck Staining

• Bathroom Remodelling

• Industrial Exterior Painting

• Concrete Exterior Painting

• Wood Trim Painting

• Faux Finishes

• Carpentry and Masonry Repairs

• Vinyl Wall Installation

• Drywall Replacement and Repairs

• Wallpaper Installation

• Colour Matching and Consulting

Our Home Painters Toronto Area of Action in the Pocket

Our professional painting services in The Pocket are available in all areas. Along Jones Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, Danforth Avenue, and the Canadian National Railway tracks. We also cover Ravina Crescent, Earl Gray Road, Ben Kerr Lane, and Baird Avenue

The unmatched high-standard painting services offered by Home Painters Toronto are affordable and always delivered on the agreed-upon time.

Home Painters Toronto Reviews

The Home Painters Toronto team of professional painters is consistently rated by our customers as one of the best painters in The Greater Toronto Area. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver exceptional results every time we paint and wallpaper a home or office space. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality painting services available in the market today. While ensuring that we meet all your needs and expectations. We have been delivering top-notch painting services for over 34 years at Home Painters Toronto and we’re ready to show you why so many people recommend us!


All our customers receive the same undivided attention, regardless of their project size. As a result, we have consistently delivered high-quality professional painting services to all residents of The Pocket. As well as other Toronto neighbourhoods.

In fact, we always end up with happy and satisfied homeowners and business people. Their positive reviews and references that we continue to get are proof of our ability to successfully transform buildings. Quality is something that we always guarantee our clients, including our prospective ones like you. Please take a moment to see our HomeStars reviews by clicking here.

Your home in The Pocket deserves the attention and high-class service that you can only get from professionals such as Home Painters Toronto.

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