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How to Paint Basement Brick Walls

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Are you wondering what colour to paint your basement brick walls? You may be considering paint for your basement brick walls whether your space is finished or unfinished. Today we will explore some possible paint solutions to get you started. We’ll also discuss how to paint the basement walls and share some paint tips and tricks on what colour to paint the basement walls to help you get the most out of your project.

Should I Paint the Basement Brick Walls?

The answer to this question depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re renovating a basement, it is generally a good idea to paint the walls before doing any other work. This will help ensure that everything else goes smoothly. After all, if you have already painted the walls and installed new flooring but discover later that the ceiling needs repair, it can be difficult to correct small mistakes in the paint job later on.

Painting Basement Brick Walls – The Finished Basement

Exposed brick walls in a finished basement can be very modern and stylish. It can help add to the personality of the space, like a unique artistic touch that doesn’t take much effort. On the other hand, a brick wall can be just that – an immovable block or obstruction. Maybe the colour of the brick just doesn’t match the mood you are hoping to achieve. Are you going for serene and calm, but feeling overcome by blaring red bricks? To achieve the perfect look you have been dreaming of in your basement, you may need to add a coat of paint.

Your finished basement is a tranquil retreat. Earth tones are your direction. You’ve used beiges, browns, white, greys, blues, and a touch of green. To complete the look on your brick walls, you may choose to go with a white or off-white colour. If you have already gone with a lot of white in the space, you may want to add a touch more colour to the brick. A beige or grey tone would be the perfect backdrop to this wonderland.

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The Finished Basement

Let’s not completely rule out red brick walls for a basement. If you have red bricks and just want to dull the colour down a bit, the next tip is for you. I’m talking about the whitewash approach. This is perfect for the homeowner who wants to mute a brick wall without suppressing its natural beauty. Using whitewash paint and a sponge will give a semi-transparent look. This is unlike the solid paint colour that is achieved by using a roller or paintbrush.

Perhaps your goal is to create a red brick wall. Why not turn a boring concrete wall into a flashy red accent piece? A sponge or roller will help you out with this task. Being careful to paint only the surface of the existing brick, use a sponge or roller to create a red brick pattern. Be sure to leave the mortar untouched, unless your intent is to fill in this space as well.

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the finished basement brick wall

Painting Basement Brick Walls – The Unfinished Basement

You may find yourself needing to paint your unfinished basement walls. Has your basement suffered from storm damage, flooding or leaking? Maybe your basement is mouldy or prone to moisture. In either case, it may be time to restore your basement waterproofing. When done correctly with the right products, painting your basement brick walls can offer the waterproofing protection you need.

You may not be fussy about the paint colour for an unfinished basement where the goal is solely waterproofing. Choosing a white, grey or blue tone may be sufficient for this type of space. It is more important to choose the right type of paint in this case. Use a paint labelled for waterproofing below-grade masonry when waterproofing a basement brick wall.

Steps on How to Paint Basement Brick Walls

I am now going to briefly outline the steps in painting basement brick walls. This is only a general guideline as masonry walls can differ greatly in terms of care and maintenance. Before starting your paint job, be sure to address any underlying moisture issues first.

  1. Thoroughly clean walls. Be sure to remove all traces of efflorescence. Efflorescence is a powder-like salt deposit that settles on brick or concrete walls. It is caused by moisture that has entered the wall and evaporated.  Remove efflorescence by wiping with a brush or by using a light power wash. Rinse well with water.
  2. Remove all traces of mould and mildew. A mild bleach solution is effective in removing mould and mildew from brick wall surfaces.
  3. Allow walls to dry completely.
  4. Repair any holes or cracks in the walls with concrete fill.
  5. Prime and paint walls. Use a primer and paint specially formulated for below-grade interior masonry.
  6. Stand back and admire your handy work!

Painting masonry walls is not as straightforward as it sounds. Due to the porous nature of brick and concrete, special treatment may be required. If you prefer to leave this job up to the professionals, go ahead and give Home Painters Toronto a call!

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